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Developed more than six decades ago, AKG achieved an international breakthrough in recording and broadcast technology with the introduction of its first dynamic microphone, the D12. The first-of-its-kind microphone became a staple in television and radio studios around the world, setting the standard for voice transmission in the 1950s and ‘60s.  Today,  AKG is proud to introduce the newly designed D12 VR large-diaphragm cardioid microphone intended specifically for kick drum recording and live applications. 

The new D12 VR (vintage sound re-issue) offers a thin diaphragm within its newly designed capsule, which enhances low-frequency performance.

With phantom power disabled, the D12 VR delivers accurate, pure character from the sound source. With phantom power enabled, one of three switchable active-filter presets can be used to quickly tailor the response of the mic to the desired kickdrum sound.

The vintage-style premium bass microphone offers three active sound shapes for recording: open kick drum, closed kick drum and vintage sound. D12VR is manufactured with the original AKG C414 transformer from the 1970s.

  • Four different sound shapes
  • Ultra thin diaphragm
  • Optimized bass chamber
  • Original C414 transformer
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Made in Austria

Patented Active Filter

The implementation of an active electronic filter in a dynamic microphone is an AKG patented solution. Phantom Power must be supplied from the connected mixing desk in order to power the active filter circuitry. The operating principle of the active filters is based on analogue circuitry combined with a transformer. Frequency processing is performed in the filter circuit and then combined with the audio signal in the transformer. Impedance differences between the microphone and other equipment are cancelled out enabling a perfect sound regardless of the connected device. The resulting sound is especially impressive at high signal levels at which the transformer enhances the audio signal.


Without phantom power the D12VR operates as a normal dynamic microphone. The three active filters are bypassed and do not affect the audio signal.

When connected to a standard phantom power supply (P48V) the output level is automatically reduced by 10 dB and one of three active filter presets can be selected using the three-way switch.

1)    Switch in left position (green LED)
The midrange filter is applied as in Position 2 and a low-end boost enhances the power of the kick drum. Recommended for use with open kick drums.

2)    Switch in centre position (red LED)
A mid-range attenuation filter is active, providing more space for other instruments in the mix. Recommended for achieving a vintage sound.

3)    Switch in right position (blue LED)
The mid-range and low-end filters are applied as in positions 1 and 2 as well as a high-end boost to enhance the presence of the kick.Recommended for use with closed kick drums.


The AKG D12 VR has an RRP of £349 inc VAT and is shipping now.






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