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Top 5 SSL Fusion demo videos and tutorials
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Top 5 SSL Fusion demo videos and tutorials

Few products whipped up a frenzy of excitement like the SSL Fusion when it was announced! Featuring 5(+1) analogue signal processes from industry giants, SSL, the demand to film the unit in action was very high! Thankfully for us, that gives us a plethora of demo videos to pick from in our “Top SSL Fusion Video demos’’ 

So here are our Top 5(+1) SSL Fusion videos collated into one page for you to explore and enjoy! In no particular order, here they are! 

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Solid State Logic

There’s probably no better place to start than with SSL themselves! In this video they break down every ‘section’ in the SSL Fusion one at a time and then combine them together at the end for an example of how this 2U box can transform your stereo mixes! 

Streaky Mastering

Given that the Fusion is most at home across your stereo mix, it's found its way into many mastering studios. If you’re looking into doing that yourself, then we have a video for you from a bit of a legend in the Mastering industry. In this video, Streaky – the Mastering Extraordinaire behind albums for Ed Sheeran, Skepta, and Snow Patrol, walks us through how the SSL fusion fairs in a mastering environment! 

Production Expert

The Fusion is not just at home across a polished stereo mix, it’s also a great tool for processing individual stems and groups to get the most out of them I the analogue domain. In this video, James from Production Expert shows off what the SSL Fusion can do across a drum bus with some staggering results! 


Prefer your demos without talking? We don’t blame you – that's what the SSL Fusion is all about! This video from German mag Bonedo shows off the SSL Fusion across a variety of different stereo mixes from acoustic  pop to metal to electronic – it's a must listen if you want to hear just how versatile this colouring box can be! 

Sound Technology

We too like videos without talking that’s why we put together our own! In this video, we process a stereo mix using each of the different processes separately and then combine them at the end to show off the polished result! 

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Well, this roundup was meant to be the Top 5 best SSL Fusion videos, but much like the product itself, we have another trick up our sleeve! 

When the SSL Fusion was announced, it had 5 new analogue processors inside it designed to polish and colour your stereo mixes and stems. However, only recently, SSL announced that there is a secret 6th process inside the box – the LMC! 
Based upon the classic Listen Mic Compressor (LMC) that has been used on decades of recordings to help smash drums, smooth out vocals, and glue busses, the HF compressor on the fusion can be turned into a full-bandwidth LMC compressor by simply pressing and holding the HF Comp’s bypass button for 5 seconds. Once in this mode, you can use the full bandwidth compressor across stems or mixes! 

And so to cap off our top 5+1 videos of SSL Fusion, here’s a demo of the new LMC mode! 

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