“…if you’re a Duende user, this is an essential purchase, and if you’re not, it makes SSL’s DSP system seem even more attractive”.

Computer music magazine this month review the newest Duende plug-in, the SSL X-Verb. X-Verb is the first ever Duende reverb plug-in and receives two awards, the magazine’s ‘Performance’ award and the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award for the best product reviewed in the magazine this month.

X-Verb delivers the density, warmth, depth and stunning detail usually only found in top-end hardware reverb processors. X-Verb uses revolutionary processing to deliver full, rich, dynamic, reverb sounds that you will not have previously heard from plug-in reverbs. X-Verb is the professional, studio grade reverb your DAW has been waiting for.

“Like all Duende plug-ins, the GUI is neat and decidedly ‘pro’ in appearance. A slew of features appear when exploring the main window, and tweak-heads will certainly have plenty to keep them busy”.

“Worthy of a special mention is the excellent A/B morphing function, which enables you to load two presets simultaneously and blend between them – perfect if you’re torn between two patches!”

“The sound is uncannily similar to what you’d associate with pricey Lexicon reverbs – think lush, glistening, expansive spaces delivered in spacious stereo, capable of adding a sheen of professionalism and class to any track”.

To read the full review pick up the January Issue of Computer Music Magazine (CM147) on sale now. The SSL X-Verb plug-in is available now at £253 RRP from www.solidstatelogic.com.
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