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Our Top 5 SSL SiX Video Tutorials, Reviews and Demos
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Our Top 5 SSL SiX Video Tutorials, Reviews and Demos

When you think of SSL, you instantly imagine a sea of pots, faders, and vu meters placed proudly at the centre of a posh-looking, professional studio – the kind of place only celebrities could ever afford to record at. Getting your hands and eyes on an SSL console was something many of us could only ever dream of - imagine owning your very own?! 

Well with SiX, SSL distilled all the essence of those incredible G and E series consoles into a desktop package that everyone could have in their home studio. 

Offering the traditional console workflow with the characteristic SSL sound from preamps, Comps, and EQs developed over decades of experience, the SiX is a true analogue centre piece for any home or project studio. 

As you can imagine, a release of this magnitude built up a lot of buzz and the amount of content published online was equally as vast! In this blog, we decided to collate our top 5 SSL SiX videos from YouTube onto one page for you to explore and enjoy! 

Launch Video 

The launch video is the ideal aperitif to our countdown. It highlights the key features that make SSL SiX special including the SuperAnalogueTM circuitry, EQ/Compression, and both Listen Mic and G-series Bus Compressors. 

How-To Videos 

Of all the videos demoing the SSL SiX, these three from Vintage King really put you In front of the mixer and walk you through how each of its powerful features can be used in 3 discrete applications. With an in-depth walkthrough on each video, this is the perfect next step if the SiX has you interested but you want to see it in action! 

Pick the video that best suits your application! 

Vintage King - Lo-Fi Beats

Vintage King - Singer Songwriter

Vintage King - Modular Synth Rig

No Talking 

If you’re like us and want to get stuck in, then this video is for you. Detailing a live performance process from start to finish, this video features every possible permutation of the SiX’s I/O paths to record and perform a track without using a laptop or audio interface. 

Sound Technology - SSL SiX Desktop Mixer

Latch Into A 4 Hours Deep Dive 

It’s a long one, but it’s a good one! In this video, 1 half of chart-topping British electronic duo, Disclosure, livestreams the process of a full remix of a classic Al Green song, “let’s stay together” mixed/summed entirely on the SSL SiX. It’s a very long video but there is a lot to learn and hearing how a member Disclosure approaches mixing/remixing on SSL SiX is an experience in itself! 

Disclosure Remix Al Green

Instructional Videos

There’s a lot more to SSL SiX than initially meets the eye. For example, it may appear to have 6 channels, but it actually has 12 inputs to mix – that transforms it into an incredibly useful analogue summing tool!  


Thankfully SSL, have a series of videos that are great at highlighting the extra, less obvious features of SiX and explaining how they can be useful in your setup!

SSL Official

That just about rounds up some of our favourite SSL SiX YouTube videos! There are many other great videos out there both comparing the SSL SiX against other popular mixers as well as ‘analogue vs digital’ summing so once you’ve given these a watch, search on YouTube yourself to find out more information!

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