Soundcraft is delighted to announce the new Si impact ,40-input Digital Mixing Console and 32-in/32-out USB Interface with iPad® Control

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The new Si Impact brings the latest digital mix innovations together with the unrivalled sound quality of Soundcraft. Designed to be as simple as an analog mixer, but offer radical workflow enhancements like our unique FaderGlow™ system, massive DSP power, and a pristine 32-in/32-out USB audio interface, Si Impact delivers digital live sound mixing and recording for those who refuse to compromise on audio quality.


Key Features:

• 32 Mic Inputs

• 8 XLR/1/4" Combi-jacks for line inputs and instruments

• 40 DSP input channels (32 mono inputs and 4 stereo channels/returns)

• 31 Output busses (All with full DSP processing and GEQ)

• 4-band Fully Parametric EQ on each channel and bus

• 8 VCAs + 8 Mute groups

• 26 motorised faders (24 input + LR/Mono)

• 4 fully customisable Fader Layers

• Built-in Stagebox Connectivity

• 5" touchscreen display

• Multi-Colour LCD Channel Displays on each input fader

• 4 studio-grade Lexicon Effects engines and dedicated FX busses

• BSS Graphic Equalisers on every bus

• 20 sub-group / aux busses

• 4 mono/stereo matrix busses

• 32x32 USB audio interface for multi-track recording and playback

More information to follow soon!

UK pricing and availability to be confirmed at time of writing.

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