"From the moment we slot in a couple of modules and get stuck in, it’s clear that we’re dealing with a very classy amplifier indeed".

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Fastly becoming an industry standard, the Randall MTS Series is now the amp for the pro session player, gigging musician, studio engineer or producer, in fact anybody who wants to build their own amp with their choice of clean rhythm, and hi-gain tone for a complete custom set-up. Guitar Buyer Magazine this month includes a review of the RM50 combo in the brand new Black Palomino finish. Also under the spotlight are the Tweed, Top Boost, Treadplate and KH-2 modules with an in-dept test of the Blackface and XTC modules.

"A good Twin Reverb should obviously sound fairly clean but the natural compression from the tube output stage contributes a very subtle but nonetheless noticeable whisper of natural clipping that helps the amp sound and feel natural. Harnessed to the Randall’s output stage, the Blackface module does this to a T. This is a big panoramic sound with bags of punch and presence that, so long as you prefer your clean sounds big, spacious and uncluttered, this feels like pretty much the ultimate clean tone. You can do so much with it that sticking any effects over it (apart from the amp’s own spring reverb) almost feels lie a crime".

"This module’s (XTC) big, glassy tone is a great way to instantly access that illusive clean-dirty/dirty-clean tone used so effectively by players like Matt Schofield or Robben Ford. It’s a blues player’s delight and has an interesting extra dimension that comes when the gain knob is absolutely maxed out. The tone remains essentially the same, but at full gain the XTC delivers a fulsome Santana-style sustain that seemingly hangs in there forever"

"Not only are we impressed by the genuine change in character that the various preamp modules bring with them, but the scale and quality of these sounds is also thoroughly convincing. Through the Randall, our test guitar – a Fender American Standard Telecaster with Bare Knuckle pickups – took on a new life. Everything sounds bigger and glistens with extra sparkle and presence".

To read the full review, pick up the September Issue (Issue 97) of Guitar Buyer. The RM50CBP is available now at £1150 RRP. MTS modules start at £212 RRP.  For more information go to http://www.soundtech.co.uk/randall/amplifiers/mtsseries/combos/rm50b