Propellerhead’s new audio recording package ‘Record’ is featured extensively in the October Issue of Computer Music magazine.


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The software (which is released on 09.09.09) not only lands the cover story but is honoured with an 11-page Computer Music Guide and is also reviewed, receiving a 9/10 rating and the magazine’s awards for ‘Performance’ and ‘Editor’s Choice’.  The latter of which is awarded to the best product in the issue.


The Computer Music Guide to Propellerhead’s Record features superstar DJ Jon Carter’s new band, ‘Roosevelt High’, as they put together a complete track, from setup to recording, mixing and mastering.  The Guide also covers comping multiple takes (and just how easy it is in Record), key commands, connectivity with Reason, and other essential Record tips.  One not to be missed.


On to the review…”All good DAWs attempt to combine complex powerful features with usability, and Record approaches this in a simple and visual manner.  You won’t find confusing sub-menus, hidden windows or too many indecipherable icons…”.


“Record’s aim is to provide a quick, musical approach to music production…Propellerhead would suggest that it can get you where you want to go with a lot less fuss and, in many respects, this is true, especially if you’re not already familiar with typical DAWs”.


“Unsurprisingly, integration with Reason 4 is seamless to the point where its synths and effects feel like a massive expansion pack, and together the pair make a formidable system”.


“New software is often tainted by bugs or exaggerated claims, but Record feels very stable and accomplished.  The audio engine seems particularly robust and the instant, real-time time stretching is so good you can rely on it to take care of programmed tempo changes – it’s probably the best we’ve heard”.


“Record is an excellent package and especially impressive considering it’s v1.”.


To read the full review and Computer Music’s guide to Propellerhead Record, pick up the October Issue of Computer Music Magazine (CM143).  Record is available from the 9th of September at £229 RRP. 


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