"Propellerhead’s audio recording debut is highly impressive. Powerful flexible and easy to use, Record offers something for everyone, from technophobic songwriters and bands to dance producers and beyond. It’s also very reasonably priced."

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The second astounding Record review this month comes courtesy of Music Tech Magazine. The new audio-recording package from Propellerhead receives the MusicTech Excellence award for scoring 10 out of 10, plus the MusicTech Value award for being ‘attractively priced whilst also delivering great results".

"Thankfully – and perhaps predictably, in hindsight – it’s far from simply being another version of Reason with audio features bolted on, but rather a completely new application that manages to be, at the same time, both comfortingly familiar to existing Reason users as well as an appealing prospect for newcomers to the Prop’s world".

"Recording audio is extremely simple, and you can switch auto tack monitoring on or off with ease. Once recorded, audio is stored in clips just like MIDI and can be auto-stretched. So, let’s say you’ve recorded a song at 90bpm but decide later it would sound better at 86bpm. MIDI parts have always automatically adjusted when you change the project tempo, but now the audio parts do as well – seamlessly, and as near to instantly as makes no difference. The CPU load required for this task seems remarkably low and there’s no obvious artefacting of the audio…it’s just about the smoothest project-wide timestrecthing feature we’ve ever seen".

"Record is more than just ‘Reason with audio recording’. It maintains the Prop’s legendary ease of use, stability and CPU efficiency while introducing some feature that – dare we say it – some other leading DAWs haven’t yet managed…"

"…what Reason did for MIDI, Record could very well do for audio: open up the world of recording, editing, mixing and production to people who aren’t studio wizards or computer experts, but musicians. People who don’t want the technology to get in the way".

"All told, the process of recording, mixing and creating music is made beautifully simple in Record, and it would seem to offer real value for money to anyone from a technology-phobic singer/songwriter to a dance producer. Propllerhead has surprised us once again – and in the most satisfying way possible".

To read the full review, pick up the September Issue of Music Tech Magazine (Issue 78). Propellerhead Record is available from the 9th September at £229 RRP.  For more information go to http://www.recordyou.co.uk or http://www.record-you.co.uk