Silverline 120

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The silver line 120 is a flexible LED that is available in several different colour temperatures. It is equipped with 3M self-adhesive tape which allows itself for easy placement on almost any water and dust free surface. The silver line 120 is very suitable for cove and signage applications. Its flexible in its design, where each length is cut able in 50mm lengths.  Supplied on a 5m reel.

A wide range of aluminium profiles and covers are available.

Available in Red, Green and Blue on request.

  • 660 lumen per metre
  • Different colour temperature options
  • Cutable every 50mm
  • Adhesive tape on back
  • Supplied on a 5m reel
Colour temperature2200K / 2400K / 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 6000K
Colour renderingCRI > 90
LEDs per meter120
Lumen output 2200K per metre576 lumen
Lumen output 2400K per metre696 lumen
Lumen output 2700K per metre696 lumen
Lumen output 3000K per metre816 lumen
Lumen output 4000K per metre912 lumen
Lumen output 5000K per metre912 lumen
Lumen output 6000K per metre931 lumen
Beam angle120º
Consumption per meter9.6W
Maximum length5m
IP ratingIP20
Length per reel5m
Cut length50mm
Strip width8mm
SKU Image Name Colour/description
TDE0006 Silverline 120, 2200K, 5m Silverline 120, 2200K, 5m FLX.S.22.120
TDE0007 Silverline 120, 2400K, 5m Silverline 120, 2400K, 5m FLX.S.24.120
TDE0008 Silverline 120, 3000K, 5m Silverline 120, 3000K, 5m FLX.S.30.120
TDE0009 Silverline 120, 4000K, 5m Silverline 120, 4000K, 5m FLX.S.40.120
TDE0010 Silverline 120, 5000K, 5m Silverline 120, 5000K, 5m FLX.S.50.120
TDE0011 Silverline 120, 6000K, 5m Silverline 120, 6000K, 5m FLX.S.60.120