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VC-Strip 15

SRP from £95.00 + VAT

The VC-Strip family of narrow LED video strips is ideal for integration of video into stage and set designs, interiors, custom set elements and more.

VC-Strips are fully pixel-level calibrated on brightness and colours for optimal uniformity and quality and are driven by Martin’s award-winning P3 System Controller family for smooth playback that outperforms any DMX-based system. VC-Strips are available in various lengths and can even be cut to required length on-site.   

  • Wide range of pixel pitches to suit every application
  • Easy cabling, mapping and configuration
  • Bright and fully calibrated for optimal consistency
  • 32/16 individually controllable pixels
  • 15 mm pixel pitch
  • 5000 nits of brightness
  • High-quality, 16-bit per colour image processing technology
  • Pixel-level brightness and colour calibration for optimal image quality
  • P3/DMX controllable (automatic protocol detection)
  • Intuitive mapping and addressing via P3 System Controller
  • Combined power/data input (single cable for power and data input)
  • Combined power/data thru (to daisy-chain up to 32 VC-Strip 15s)
  • Supported by integrated power and data processor (P3 PowerPort 1500) and simple cabling system
  • Length of VC-Strip can be customised on-site (simple cutting) to fit integration needs
  • Compatible with VC-Grid 15
Perfect white light with Martin Creative LED solutions
Martin Professional
Perfect white light with Martin Creative LED solutions
Find out how Martin Creative LED video products can give you both colored video and perfect tuneable white light for more versatile applications. The video displays the uniformity of the output, both in terms of color and brightness when running both colored and white light on Martin Creative LED video products. Martin’s advanced calibration technology allows controlling the color temperature of the emitted white light in great detail. See examples of a cold 6,500 kelvin, a more pleasing 4,000 kelvin and a nice warm 2,700 kelvin. The power of the Martin P3 System Controller and the Martin P3 PowerPort brings flexibility and simplicity to the use of these products, while Martin calibration technology makes sure uniformity stays perfect. In this video we show products from the Martin VC range, but the same applies for all Martin LED Video products. Watch 
SKU Image Name Colour/description
MAR1370 VC-Strip 15 32x1 VC-Strip 15 32x1
MAR1368 VC-Strip 15 16x1 VC-Strip 15 16x1