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The VC-Strip family of narrow LED video strips is ideal for integration of video into stage and set designs, interiors, custom set elements and more.

VC-Strips are fully pixel-level calibrated on brightness and colours for optimal uniformity and quality and are driven by Martin’s award-winning P3 System Controller family for smooth playback that outperforms any DMX-based system. VC-Strips are available in various lengths and can even be cut to required length on-site.

  • Wide range of pixel pitches to suit every application
  • Easy cabling, mapping and configuration
  • Bright and fully calibrated for optimal consistency
  • 16/8 individually controllable pixels
  • 4000 nits of brightness
  • High-quality, 16-bit per colour image processing technology
  • Pixel-level brightness and colour calibration for optimal image quality
  • P3/DMX controllable (automatic protocol detection)
  • Intuitive mapping and addressing via P3 System Controller
  • Combined power/data input (single cable for power and data input)
  • Combined power/data thru (to daisy-chain up to 45 VC-Strips)
  • Available in RGB, cool white, medium white and warm white
  • Supported by integrated power and data processor (P3 PowerPort 1500) and simple cabling system
  • Length of VC-Strip can be customised on-site (simple cutting) to fit integration needs
  • Compatible with VC-Grid
SKU Image Name Colour/description
MAR1365 VC-Strip 25 16x1 WW VC-Strip 25 16x1 WW Warm White
MAR1366 VC-Strip 25 16x1 RGB VC-Strip 25 16x1 RGB RGB
MAR1367 VC-Strip 25 16x1 MW VC-Strip 25 16x1 MW Medium White
MAR1372 VC-Strip 25 8x1 RGB VC-Strip 25 8x1 RGB RGB