We are pleased to announce that the Martin by HARMAN Exterior PixLine series of architectural lighting solutions is now shipping.  

Pixline news 560

These linear LED video fixtures are designed for use in dynamic media facades and a wide array of creative installations.  The Exterior PixLine range includes three models, each named for their varying levels of pixel pitch making them perfect for various applications and budgets.  The PixLine range includes the Exterior PixLine 40, Exterior PixLine 20, and Exterior PixLine 10.  These fixtures are fully outdoor-rated, and available in two lengths and five different fronts to create dazzling effects in a variety of applications. 

These versatile and dynamic lighting fixtures are installed with power supply concealed and a single cable for power and data input, enabling lighting designers to incorporate captivating effects seamlessly into building facades and other outdoor installations.  The Exterior PixLine solutions are supported by the P3 System controller family, so they can also be incorporated into designs featuring other fixtures from the extensive portfolio of Martin LED Video solutions.

“For clients seeking to create a once in a lifetime experience or instil a sense of energy in an environment, setting that tone on the outside is a great way to start,”says Robert Svensson (Product Manager).  “We are really proud of the way our robust solutions can help to stir up the soul of a building or even a city.”