Martin have announced a number of new products at the LDi Show. Below you'll find information on the MAC Encore Wash, RUSH MH10 Beam FX, RUSH MH11 Beam, RUSH CS Series Linear LED and Exterior Series QUAD line. UK pricing and availability will follow as soon as we have it!

MAC Encore Wash - CLD & WRM variants

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Full-featured, whisper-silent LED moving head extends MAC Encore line with wash light quality and performance levels never seen before in LED-based stage lighting units.


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Compact LED Beam moving head fixture with an independent, built-in LED ring. With 24 individually-controllable LEDs surrounding a central beam lens, the RUSH MH 10 FX offers visual effect possibilities never before available at this price point.

RUSH MH11 Beam

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High-intensity beam moving head designed for high end installations and rental applications. A replacement for the highly successful MH 3 Beam, the new RUSH MH 11 Beam utilizes the same lamp from the RUSH MH 7 Hybrid, but with refined beam optics that provide excellent intensity and sharp mid-air effects in a beam-only fixture.

RUSH CS SeriesImage title

A new series of seven affordable high-output colour LED cove lighting strips for internal architectural lighting applications. Available in 303mm, 603mm and 903mm lengths as both Graze and Wide variants, and a 1203mm length Graze only. Hybrid power cable provide both power and data for simple installation.

Exterior Linear QUAD Series

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The Exterior Linear QUAD line is an LED colour-changing cove and graze lighting system for outdoor spaces. The high output graze linears illuminate exterior walls and any other type of linear structure, and features superbly premixed colours and uniform light distribution at three different beam angles: Narrow 15°, Wide 60°, and Asymmetric 18° x 66°— ideal for highlighting textured surfaces.