New firmware is available now for a number of Martin fixtures featuring many enhancements.:

MAC Ultra Wash and Performance 1.5.0 - Adds a range of new features like FX Macros, Extended Control Mode, CMY Zoom Compensation and a new speed mode with increased CMYC speed.

MAC Aura PXL 1.2.0 - Adds 12 extra colors to the virtual colour wheel (great for FX macro’s background) and offers an optional Low Noise LED mode.

VDO Atomic Dot 1.3.0 - Makes the VDO Atomic Dot compatible with the newly launched Active PDE Junction Box.

VDO Atomic Bold 1.2.0 - Adds SceneCatch stand-alone mode, improved tungsten emulation and additional internal FX macros.

Active PDE Junction Box 1.2.0 - Includes several bug fixes.

ERA 300 Profile 1.2.0 - Increases the speed of the CMY flags to match the ERA 400 Performance - a common request from the market.

ERA 400 Performance 1.4.0 - Adds a fan mode called “Constant Low” which allows the fixture to maintain a constant fan speed that does not ramp down and switch off when dimmed to blackout.

See the release notes for full details and download the firmware for each using Martin Companion.