Sound Technology Ltd, the UK distributor of Martin by HARMAN, is pleased to announce that new RUSH series fixtures, the MH 10 Beam FX & MH 11 Beam, are now shipping. 

The Martin RUSH MH 10 Beam FX is a compact 60W RGBW LED moving head fixture that offers tight beam effects using a collimator lens design, creating a striking, high-intensity look on stage. The LEDs on the MH 10 Beam blend perfectly with Martin MAC Aura, RUSH MH 6, and RUSH Par 2 fixtures, providing excellent colour mixing capabilities. In addition, the LED ring surrounding the central beam utilises 24 LEDs that are independently controllable for a range of visual effect possibilities.

The RUSH MH 11 utilises the same 250W Platinum 11R lamp found in the Martin RUSH MH 7 Hybrid. When this lamp is combined with the class-leading optics of the MH 11, the fixture achieves sharp, high-output beam effects with a super-tight 2.6 degree beam angle. The fixture can produce a range of complex and precise mid-air looks utilising eight rotating and indexing gobos and an eight-facet prism. The fixture has thirteen selectable colours and frost and motorised focus, and has a ruggedised industrial design that makes it perfect for high-end touring and rental applications.

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Both the RUSH MH 10 & MH 11 are now shipping.

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