More Enhancements For More Martin Product Families Than Ever Before

This new update brings significant functionalities to our range of P3 System Controllers, including P3-050, P3-100, P3-150, P3-200, P3-300 and P3-PC and is free of charge to all users. We are also delighted to share that the update not only benefits newer products such as MAC Aura PXL and VDO Atomic Dot, but also brings new possibilities to long-time Martin favorites like VDO Sceptron, VDO Fatron and Exterior PixLine, underscoring our commitment to bring customers enhanced value and support with new features and possibilities.

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Some of the New Enhancements:

• P3 Switch: The famous “P3 Mix” function that allows fixtures to be toggled dynamically between video control and DMX control on a fixture-by-fixture basis.

• PixelMap Input: PixelMapping input from a lighting desk for up to 128 universes.

• Art-Net to P3 Bridge: Using the PixelMap Input functionality, P3 System Controllers can now also be used as an Art-Net to P3 bridge.

• Free Scale Mode: Allows canvas sizes larger than full HD to be created, with the P3 handling upscaling to make it all fit.

• Map on Video: Enables the incoming video stream to be set as background in Setup View, allowing mapping of fixtures directly onto the video without toggling back and forth.

Download 5.2.0 Software Updates:

• P3-PC Software

• P3-050/150/300 Software

• P3-100/200 Software

P3 System Controller details can be found here