Martin have released a major software update for the P3 System Controller. Version 5.0.0 brings significant new functionalities to Martin’s range of P3 System Controllers, consisting of the P3-050, P3-100, P3-150, P3-200, P3-300 and P3-PC.

Moving heads and lighting fixtures such as the Martin MAC Allure and VDO Atomic Dot families can now be driven via the P3 System Controller. With the P3 System Controller merging video-data from a media server with DMX controls from a lighting desk and sending these over one single P3 network to the fixtures. The fixtures feature P3 daisy-chain functionality with low latency and failsafe bypass, making cabling simple and safe.

Mapping video onto the fixtures becomes very simple, even more so when mixed with other Martin P3-compatible fixtures such as the VDO Sceptron, VDO Fatron and VDO Dotron. Software 5.0.0 also adds support for dual-layer fixtures such as the VDO Atomic Dot which can have video mapped onto their beams and aura separately, offering ultimate creative freedom to create unique looks. The new P3 Mix channel gives the lighting designer the choice to drive the fixtures with video, DMX or a mix of both; thereby offering the best of both worlds.

When controlled via the P3 System Controller, all addressing, mode-selection and patching is done remotely. So gone are the days of running to each fixture to set it to the correct address and mode. The P3 System Controller gives you complete control and status feedback over the fixtures without disturbing the console operator.

P3 System Controller Software Version 5.0.0 is now available for download from the product support pages on