Dynamic and powerful LED fixture helps lighting designers achieve high-speed mid-air looks unimaginable with a traditional moving head profile fixture.
Scanner 560

Martin by HARMAN today introduced the RUSH Scanner 1 LED, a high-output LED fixture with a dynamic feature set. The RUSH Scanner 1 LED offers multiple colours, gobos and prism effects that help lighting designers deliver high-speed mid-air looks that boost the wow factor and raise the energy of crowds. The new fixture is an exciting addition to the RUSH lighting series and perfectly suited for a wide range of entertainment venues and nightclubs.  

“We previewed our new RUSH Scanner 1 LEDs at a music festival in Denmark this summer, and the feedback was incredible,” said Mark Buss, Product Manager, Installed Lighting, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The stunning mid-air effects and rapid movement capabilities allowed the lighting designer to energise the crowd and create an exhilarating experience.”

The RUSH Scanner 1 LED delivers high output and super-sharp optics via two separate colour wheels, one rotating gobo wheel, one static gobo wheel and a three-facet prism. High-speed pan and tilt capabilities make the RUSH Scanner 1 LED an ideal fixture for creating dramatic lighting effects and boosting the energy in dance clubs, cruise ships and other nightlife venues. The compact size is also ideal for rental companies seeking to produce memorable events through powerful and dynamic lighting effects.

The RUSH Scanner 1 LED will begin shipping in early October 2016.