P3-050 and P3-150 system controllers bring many upgrades and features to powerful lineup of LED panel and fixture systems

Martin by HARMAN debuted two additions to the P3 System Controller family of LED video processors today. Since the launch of the first P3 System Controller in 2009, Martin has continued to innovate on the product line, offering improved ease of use and new creative features. These controllers are some of the most ergonomic solutions available for configuring and running a system with LED Video Panels and Creative LED Video fixtures, like the Martin VDO Sceptron.

P3 560

The P3-150 System Controller is a replacement for the P3-100 and P3-200 controllers, which have led the industry for more than seven years. But the P3-150 is not just a simple replacement. Many improvements have been packed into the P3-150, including a more compact one-unit rack housing, thru connections on DVI and DMX, full HD DVI (1920x1080) input and active workspace, and more robust construction.

And, of course, the P3-150 inherits the many features that have made Martin P3 System Controllers the most preferred LED Video processors available, like a highly user-friendly interface; DMX and Art-Net input for lighting control integration; Kinesys and TAIT Navigator input for automation system integration; real-time preview of video canvas and mapped fixtures; and compatibility with all Martin LED video products.

The P3-050 System Controller brings the power of P3 to a price point unseen before. It packs the same features as the P3-150, but with an output restricted to 100,000 pixels, allowing a significantly lower price. An ideal companion to the Martin VDO Sceptron, it can drive 1,000 VDO Sceptron 10 fixtures.

“From the smallest Creative LED video setup to the largest LED video wall, we now offer a P3 System Controller for every application,” said Wouter Verlinden, Product Manager, LED Video, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “It’s also worth noting that shows created on any of our P3 System Controllers can be transferred to any other P3 System Controller, but we will continue to support the older P3-100 and P3-200 with software updates.”