Martin by HARMAN today introduced the Exterior Dot-HP, a powerful outdoor-rated creative LED video fixture. Perfect for creating low-resolution video content on large buildings and structures, the Exterior Dot-HP is a full RGB colour mixing dot that allows for long fixture runs with variable pixel pitches. This new fixture is an excellent addition to the existing Martin VC-Dot series and Exterior Pixline products.

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“The Exterior Dot-HP is rugged and super bright, offering lighting designers an impactful way to incorporate low-resolution creative LED into large scale structures like stadiums, arenas, hotels, bridges and landmarks,” said Robert Svensson, Product Manager, Large Venue, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “This product enables our customers to create huge video mapping projects with viewing distances of at least 300 meters. And because the DOT-HP is so bright, it can be used in indoor spaces with high ambient light levels like shopping malls and transportation terminals.”

Offering excellent brightness of up to 100lumens, the Exterior Dot-HP is specifically designed for large, permanent, no-maintenance-required installations with long fixture runs. Constructed with a robust, convection-cooled, IP-66 rated aluminium body, the Dot-HP is an independent fixture that can easily be swapped if necessary. The Dot-HP comes in a number of variants offering two light engines (RGB or cold white), three fronts (clear front, diffused dome or narrow beam lens) and a flexible mounting system so customised solutions can easily be designed.

“The Exterior DOT-HP brings an excellent level of creative freedom, especially when combined with Martin Exterior Pixline systems and our other creative LED products,” said Svensson. “The Exterior Dot-HP runs on our proprietary P3 protocol and is great for complex video content as well as smaller projects controlled on DMX/RDM.”