Martin by HARMAN announces some exciting changes to the M-Series, giving all existing and new users of the software added value through increased DMX resources. Martin M-PC will continue to be available at no charge, and increases its DMX output of the Free edition to 4 Artnet, sACN or Martin USB DMX ports.

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For increased universe needs, M-PC is available as a Pro Kit that opens up 64 DMX universes, which includes a Martin One-Key and one Martin M-DMX. Existing owners of the M-PC kit will automatically see their universe count increase to 64 with a software upgrade. For even larger systems, M-PC Ultimate is a simple license upgrade applied to the Martin One-Key, increasing access to 128 universes.

With three simple choices of M-PC Free, Pro or Ultimate, the user can access the full M-Series software with no artificial feature restrictions. 

In addition to the increased value of M-PC, all restrictions are removed from existing M-Series consoles, giving each device unlimited access to DMX outputs based on the consoles processing power. Existing owners of M-Series consoles will be excited to see this drastic increase in usability of their desks at no cost to them with a simple software update.

M2PC extends to 64 universes, M2GO to 8, M1 to 32 and every M6 console in the world will unlock itself to 64 universes. New consoles like the M1 HD and M2GO HD will ship with their maximum DMX outputs enabled from day one. With all devices in the M-Series architecture no costly processing nodes and complicated network systems are required as all DMX calculation is done centrally on the CPU and transmitted over Ethernet using industry standard protocols. 

Martin’s M-PC system has seen strong growth in recent years and has become an industry standard for PC based lighting controllers while the M-Series has gained a global following with its simple programming philosophy and carefully designed hardware for all levels of shows. The Martin M-Touch and M-Play controllers have made M-PC a premier control platform at an affordable price point.

“Simplifying the licensing system of the M-Series range and increasing the EtherDMX universes of the MPC Free Edition has been on our mind for a long time and was a frequent request from our rapidly expanding user base. The launch of the M1 HD and M2GO HD were the perfect opportunity to take the next step and remove the DMX licensing requirements from all existing consoles” says Harman Product Manager Matthias Hinrichs, “It’s really great to provide this to all owners and loyal fans of the M-Series, allowing them to utilise the consoles and PC systems to their maximum potential”.

Version 3.60 is required for the new licensing system, download the latest software for Martin M-Series at