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The most feature-rich MAC ever, with best-in class optics and Martin XIP smart weather-protection.

The new Viper is here.

"We believe this fixture has significant potential to become one of the most exceptional and versatile moving heads ever built."

Henrik Kristensen, Martin Professional

Introducing the Martin MAC Viper XIP, the next generation Viper class moving head that combines legendary Viper optical performance, Martin XIP smart weatherproofing technology, and an incredibly robust feature set.

Drawing on best-in-class features that defined the iconic Viper lineup, including Viper Profile, Performance, Wash and Wash DX, MAC Viper XIP builds on Viper heritage, setting a new standard for all-in-one performance, innovation and reliability.

The combination of MAC Viper XIP’s powerful lumen output and innovative patent-pending XIP water and dust ingress protection make it not only ideal for a wide range of year-round outdoor applications, but also ensures exceptionally low noise levels for indoor use, akin to its whisper-silent cousin, the Martin MAC Encore.

Featuring Martin Professional’s proprietary tailor-made light engine, the MAC Viper XIP unleashes an impressive 5-degree narrow, high- definition, and high-contrast beam, ensuring unprecedented lumen maintenance over the zoom range.

  • Martin XIP smart weatherproofing technology for outdoor use without compromises

  • Incredible MAC Viper-class output with impressive low-noise levels of the MAC Encore-class, perfect for noise-sensitive applications

  • Lumen maintenance over the entire zoom range that exceeds industry standards

  • Sharp framing on the breakup wheel and improved dimming

  • Exceptional Pan & Tilt speed, CMY, and Zoom speed and responsiveness

  • Pure white illumination sitting on the black body curve

  • Light recycling with gobos for enhanced output

  • No dimming on any features, ensuring consistent brightness

  • Light and heavy frost available with a heavy frost available in the entire zoom range, providing versatility in lighting effects

"We are proud to unveil this true leap forward for not just moving head lights but the pro lighting industry, we've taken the very best features of our long-running Viper HID lineup and elevated them to next-level LED performance and efficiency levels. Then we are adding our hugely popular XIP weatherproofing technology for indoor/outdoor/anywhere usability. In previewing the new MAC Viper XIP, interest has been staggering and we believe this fixture has significant potential to become one of the most exceptional and versatile moving heads ever built."

Henrik Kristensen, Product Manager of Stage Lighting, Martin Professional

Features For The Next Generation 

A Spot-on White Point

The MAC Viper XIP’s light engine is not only designed to be brighter and more efficient, but importantly it embodies a quality of light and spectral distribution that is more pleasing to the eye when illuminating artists, costumes, or scenery. The product’s native and superior 5800 Kelvin colour temperature comes with the white point precisely on the black body curve. This means no green or magenta shifts, but always a crisp, vibrant white that naturally enhances and brings people and objects to life.

Outstanding Optics

The optical system of the MAC Viper XIP brings the customer experience to another level. With 14 layers of precision-coated lenses, the high-resolution projection system offers extremely sharp, centre-to-edge gobo projections never seen before. With a uniquely high level of contrast, the MAC Viper XIP provides incredible, razor-sharp mid-air effects. Finally, the optics are designed for an enhanced depth of field, enabling the shutter system to deliver well-defined framing of gobos.

Superior, Steady-State Output

Featuring a Martin Professional proprietary, tailor-made light engine and Martin’s innovative XIP smart weatherproofing technology that enables enhanced cooling performance, the MAC Viper XIP ensures a consistently bright 28,000 lumens of illumination, outperforming much larger products on the market. The highly efficient cooling system ensures that full output from the light engine is maintained when inserting colours, gobos, framing and other effects, without a reduction in output, typical of other products on the market. In-fact, light recycling from gobos, even elevates output by approximately 25 percent when gobos are used. The integral design of the optical system and proprietary light engine means class-leading lumen maintenance across the zoom range, delivering enhanced long throw capabilities.

XIP Unique Weatherproofing Technology for Cross-Event Utilisation

Martin’s innovative, patent-pending XIP water and dust ingress protection make it ideal for a wide range of year-round, all-weather outdoor applications. Its smart design empowers seamless performance in any kind of weather, without the traditional penalties of size, noise, output limitations, and weight that typically come with IP65-rated fixtures. This makes the MAC Viper XIP equally ideal for indoor shows and events, such as television and theatre, where low weight and low noise are essential metrics. Ultimately, this means exceptional utilisation of the product all year. With integrated XIP technology, you can also enjoy much easier access and service of the product, without the need for strictly-controlled maintenance environments requiring fixture vacuum testing. Finally, XIP technology completes Martin’s peace-of-mind philosophy with its in-built breathing capability that prevents lens and inside condensation.

You can find out more about the innovative XIP technology here.

Low Noise, High Impact

The MAC Viper XIP exudes Viper class output yet maintains the whisper-quiet noise level standards set by the MAC Encore. Martin’s smartly designed heat management system ensures an impressively quiet and high-performing moving head for theatre, broadcasting and other noise-sensitive applications, yet maintains low LED junction temperatures for extended life and output performance.

Creative Freedom, Exceptional Performance

Moving heads have become increasingly robust and as the most feature-rich product Martin has ever made, no feature was left behind with the MAC Viper XIP. Martin engineers have invested thousands of hours to optimise the performance of every feature to make sure the product excels in even the most demanding applications and elevates the overall visual of any show or event. Further, to give designers as much creative freedom as possible and programmers an equally easier life, our engineering team has ensured that any effect works logically and without compromising or limiting what you can do with other features from MAC Viper XIP’s vast palette. Rest assured, the MAC Viper XIP always does exactly what you expect from it.

NFC and Connectivity

Introducing NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that enables MAC Viper XIP to communicate wirelessly with a smartphone. A dedicated Martin app that will soon be available, enables customers to interface with the MAC Viper XIP for DMX addressing, personality settings and other smart functions. Together with our connectivity slot for wireless DMX modules, the product is future-ready to set new standards for control and interaction.

In the UK?  For more information please contact exclusive UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000 or use the contact form below. 

Visiting Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt?  See the MAC Viper XIP in Hall 12.0, Stand C68.

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