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The Martin MAC Aura PXL adds to the industry standard line of Martin wash lights with multi-lens and Aura backlight technology. Bigger and brighter than the MAC Aura, the PXL features significantly higher intensity and a tighter beam as well as a smaller face and less busy lens look compared to the MAC Quantum Wash. The MAC Aura PXLs bigger “bubbles” provide a more appealing look and beautiful wide wash fields.

This fixture is also the first wash light in the market to feature individual pixel control for main beam pixels and Aura back light with full control via DMX, Art-Net and sACN, as well as with Martin ́s very own creative P3 video protocol.

The compact size and low weight, trusted Martin build quality and feature set, and simple and clever setup and control options make the MAC Aura PXL ideal for rental customers and lighting designers working in concert/touring, TV shows and corporate, as well as customers supporting the high-end nightclub market.

  • True Wash Light Workhorse - From a tight, high intensity, narrow beam to beautiful wash fields, incorporated into a compact and lightweight package, the MAC Aura PXL suits every application.
  • Bright, Vibrant Colours - The RGBW system delivers very vibrant colours with a brightness only expected from much larger fixtures. The calibrated colour system excels on subtle pastels and white tones, making any MAC Aura PXL in the rig, match the colour point when they must.
  • Built For Pixel Mapping - With an all solid state colour mixing system, instant colour and intensity response, 19 individually controlled main beam pixels and 141 individually controlled Aura backlight pixels, the MAC Aura PXL is a great choice for pixel mapping. The colour palette can also be set to fully match the colour space of any other P3-driven product in the rig, allowing the fixture to fit in seamlessly.
  • P3 Incorporated - On top of DMX, Art-Net and sACN, the fixture can be controlled by Martin ́s P3 protocol for setup and programming and allows a rig of fixtures to deliver cohesive content that blends together with video content on panels or creative LED products. You can even blend seamlessly between console and media input sources via the P3 mix channel.
  • Silent Operation - With its sophisticated, low noise cooling system, the MAC Aura PXL is a true stealth operator, even in the most critical and noise sensitive environments.
  • Open Source - The MAC Aura PXL accepts any industry standard input source. All of its features can be controlled via DMX-512, ArtNet, sACN and Martin ́s very own P3 protocol. This allows for maximum versatility in any type of control environment.
  • RGBW solid state colour mixing
  • 13klm light output
  • Calibrated colours
  • Instant colour mixing via solid state mixing (no moving parts)
  • RGBW colour mixing with very bright and vibrant saturated colours, as well as nice pastels and white tones
  • Variable Colour Temperature correction (CTB/CTO)
  • Flicker-Free operation – LED driver frequency suitable for all kinds of camera applications Pixelated beam/field (19 pixels)
  • Pixelated Aura backlight (141 pixels)
  • 1: 8 zoom – Precise, silent and yet fast zoom with auto-linked focus
  • Beautiful wash field
  • Minor colour temperature shift from centre to edge
  • Dimmer and shutter – Fully electronic dimmer/shutter control with various dimming curves and tungsten dimming (red-shift) emulation option
  • Low noise cooling system
  • Fast and silent pan/tilt and effects operation
  • User-selectable output vs. sound level control
  • Small overall size (488mm / 19.2in)
  • Low weight (15.6kg / 34.4 lbs)
  • Ethercon in/out w. P3, ArtNet, sACN
  • Built in Ethernet switch with fail-safe bypass
Height 516mm maximum, 488.4mm head straight up
Pre-programmed effectsTwo ranges of FX
Beam colour mixingRGBW, independently variable 0 - 100%
Aura colour mixingRGB, independently variable 0-100%
Beam and Aura electronic colour wheelVirtual colour wheel. Open, indexing, continuous rotation, random colour. 36 pre programmed solid colours
Beam and Aura colour temperature controlVariable 10000 - 2000 K
Beam and Aura Dimmer/shutter0 - 100% continuous electronic dimming, Choice of four dimming curves
Pan540°, coarse & fine control and speed
Tilt268°, coarse & fine control and speed
Position correction systemAbsolute position monitoring
Control optionsDMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN, P3
16-bit controlDimming, pan and tilt
Setting and addressingControl panel with backlit LCD display and 4 buttons or via RDM or P3
DMX channelsCompact mode 17; basic mode 32; extended mode 89; ludicrous mode 512
Fixture IdentificationUser-settable ID number
DMX complianceUSITT DMX512-A
RDM complianceANSI/ESTA E1.20
TransceiverOpto-isolated RS-485
Fixture software updateUSB memory device or over DMX link
Zoom range1:8
Full beam angle Half PeakNarrow 5° Wide 40°
Full beam angle Tenth PeakNarrow 7° Wide 55°
Light sourcePrimary LED 19* 40W RGBW LED; Aura LED 141*0.42W RGB LED
Max total Primary LED engine powerApprox.570W; Max total Aura LED. Engine power: approx 60W
Minimum LED lifetime20,000 (to >80% luminous output)
Light engine luminous output19000 lumens
Fixture luminous output:
Narrow beam11000 lumens
Wide beam13000 lumens
Fixture Center intensity
Narrow beam1 Million cd
Wide beam30 kcd
CRI (Colour Rendering Index)>74
CQS (Colour Quality Scale)82
TM-30 Rf (IES TM-30-15 Fidelity Index)79
TM-30 Rg (IES TM-30-15 Gamut Index)115
TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index)62
CCT6500 Kelvin
LED refresh rateBeam LED 1200Hz, Aura LED 1200Hz
HousingHigh-impact flame-retardant thermoplastic
Protection ratingIP 20
Installation mounting pointsTwo quarter-turn brackets for rigging
Minimum distance to combustible material0.2m
Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces0.4m
AC power inputNeutrik powerCON TRUE1
AC power throughputNeutrik powerCON TRUE1
DMX data in/out3-pin & 5-pin locking XLR
Network data in/outNeutrik EtherCon
AC power100-240V nominal, 50/60 Hz
Power supply unitAuto-ranging electronic switch mode
Idle Power Consumption77 W (all effects static, zero light output)
Half-cycle RMS inrush current at 230 V, 50 Hz15.9A
Beam intensity FX
Beam Wave (sine wave)Beam Step (50/50 on/off)
Beam PulseBeam Blackout Strobe
Beam 2x StrobeBeam 3x Strobe
Beam 4x StrobeBeam Up, Down, Flash
Beam Up, Flash, Down, FlashBeam Random Levels
Beam Sparkle StarsBeam Starfield
Beam Fiber OpticBeam Pixel Killer
Beam Build Up/DownBeam In-Out Wave
Beam In-Out StepBeam In-Out Pulse
Beam WaterdropBeam Radar Spinning
Beam Cross (X) SpinningBeam Cross (X) Circle (O) Wave
Beam Circling SnakeBeam Pie Slice Chase
Beam Random Chase 1 pixel WaveBeam Random Chase 1 pixel Step
Beam Random Chase 1 pixel PulseBeam Random Chase 3 pixel Wave
Beam Random Chase 3 pixel StepBeam Random Chase 3 pixel Pulse
Beam Random Chase 6 pixel WaveBeam Random Chase 6 pixel Step
Beam Random Chase 6 pixel PulseBeam Vertical Wave
Beam Horizontal WaveBeam Vertical Bouncing Line
Beam Horizontal Bouncing LineBeam Vertical + Horizontal Bouncing Line
Beam NoiseBeam Movie Flicker
Beam Atomic LightingBeam Thunderstorm
Beam colour FX
Beam Rainbow WaveBeam Rainbow Step
Beam Rainbow PulseBeam RGB Wave
Beam RGB StepBeam RGB Pulse
Beam CMY WaveBeam CMY Step
Beam CMY PulseBeam Random Mix Wave
Beam Random Mix StepBeam Random Mix Pulse
Beam Spectrum ShifterBeam Red White Blue Fade
Beam Red White Blue SnapsBeam Fire
Beam WaterBeam Swimming Pool
Beam IceBeam Hot and Cold
Beam Warm and FuzzyBeam Silver and Gold
Beam Gold and SilverBeam Electric Arc
Beam Plasma 
Aura Intensity FX
Aura Wave (sine wave)Aura Step (50/50 on/off)
Aura PulseAura Blackout Strobe
Aura 2x StrobeAura 3x Strobe
Aura 4x StrobeAura Up, Down, Flash
Aura Up, Flash, Down, FlashAura Random Levels
Aura Sparkle StarsAura Starfield
Aura Fiber OpticAura Pixel Killer
Aura Build Up/DownAura In-Out Wave
Aura In-Out Step Aura In-Out Pulse
Aura Waterdrop Aura Radar Spinning
Aura Cross (X) SpinningAura Cross (X) Circle (O) Wave
Aura Circling SnakeAura Pie Slice Chase
Aura Random Chase 1 pixel WaveAura Random Chase 1 pixel Step
Aura Random Chase 1 pixel PulseAura Random Chase 3 pixel Wave
Aura Random Chase 3 pixel StepAura Random Chase 3 pixel Pulse
Aura Random Chase 6 pixel WaveAura Random Chase 6 pixel Step
Aura Random Chase 6 pixel PulseAura Vertical Wave
Aura Horizontal WaveAura Vertical Bouncing Line
Aura Horizontal Bouncing LineAura Vertical + Horizontal Bouncing Line
Aura NoiseAura Movie Flicker
Aura Atomic LightningAura Thunderstorm
Aura A WaveAura B Wave
Aura C WaveAura D Wave
Aura E WaveAura F Wave
Aura G WaveAura H Wave
Aura I WaveAura J Wave
Aura K WaveAura L Wave
Aura M WaveAura N Wave
Aura O WaveAura P Wave
Aura Q WaveAura R Wave
Aura S WaveAura T Wave
Aura U WaveAura V Wave
Aura W WaveAura X Wave
Aura Y WaveAura Z Wave
Aura 0 WaveAura 1 Wave
Aura 2 WaveAura 3 Wave
Aura 4 WaveAura 5 Wave
Aura 6 WaveAura 7 Wave
Aura 8 WaveAura 9 Wave
Aura Colour FX
Aura Rainbow WaveAura Rainbow Step
Aura Rainbow PulseAura RGB Wave
Aura RGB StepAura RGB Pulse
Aura CMY WaveAura CMY Step
Aura CMY PulseAura Random Mix Wave
Aura Random Mix StepAura Random Mix Pulse
Aura Spectrum ShifterAura Red White Blue Fade
Aura Red White Blue SnapsAura Fire
Aura WaterAura Swimming Pool
Aura IceAura Hot and Cold
Aura Warm and FuzzyAura Silver and Gold
Aura Gold and SilverAura Electric Arc
Aura Plasma 
Beam / Aura Combined FX
Full ThunderstormFull Welding
Full 3-Step StrobeFull Tick Tock
Aura Ramp, Beam FlashBeam Ramp, Aura Flash
Beam-Aura Wave (sine wave)Beam-Aura Step (50/50 on/off)
Beam-Aura Pulse (sine wave) 
Full Fixture FX
Beam SplashBeam Splash Invert
Aura SplashAura Splash Invert
Beam Zoom Out Towards AuraBeam Zoom In Towards Aura
SKU Manufacturer’s SKU Image Name Colour/description
MAR1788 90250040HU MAC Aura PXL SIP MAC Aura PXL SIP in cardboard box with SIP foam flightcase insert
MAR1787 90250035HU MAC Aura PXL EPS MAC Aura PXL EPS in cardboard box with polystyrene packaging
MAR1789 90250030HU MAC Aura PXL, white finish, EPS MAC Aura PXL, white finish, EPS White. In cardboard box with polystyrene packaging