Exterior Projection Series

Martin Exterior Projection family

Image or pattern projection is an effective way of communicating without changing the daytime appearance of your facade. It can be as simple as displaying a company logo or messages, or creating ever- changing dynamic patterns. By creating textures on large surfaces you can add another dimension to your lighting scheme.

Exterior Projection 1000

The Martin Exterior™ Projection 1000 is an outdoor-rated LED projector that offers sharp image quality, dynamic features and great reach over huge distances. It sports a wealth of rich, dynamic and creative control options with long LED lifetime, low power consumption and running costs.

Exterior Projection 500

The Mxterior Projection 500 is a powerful fixture for integrating textures, patterns and graphics in outdoor lighting designs. The fixture can be used for bright and dynamic logo projection as well as precision framing. Using advanced LED technology, it offers outstanding energy efficiency, compact size and unlimited creative possibilities.