Exterior Linear

Martin Exterior Linear Series

The Exteriortm Linears are a family of LED colour changing fixtures in a robust outdoor­rated housing. The fixtures provide high output and are available in both cove and graze light versions. 

The fixtures are easy to install due to their integrated universal power supply. The fixtures connect via daisy chain using a combined power and data connector and are controlled by DMX. The Exterior Linears are available with full colour mixing or as variable white versions.

Exterior™ Linear Cove

Exterior™ Linear 1200 Cove and Exterior™ Linear 300 Cove feature superb color mixing and a uniform light distribution at a beam angle of 120°, suitable for a wide range of indirect lighting applications such as cove lighting in ceilings, decorative wall lighting and other similar structures. 1200/300 are full colour versions, 1220/320 are variable white versions.

Exterior™ Linear Graze

The Exterior™ Linear 1200/1220 Graze and the Exterior™ Linear 300 Graze are designed to illuminate any wall or any type of linear structure. They feature superb color mixing and uniform light distribution at four different beam angles, ideal for creating textured surfaces. Again, 1200/300 are full colour versions, 1220/320 are variable white versions.

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