ERA 700 Performance IP

660W IP66 LED-based Profile with Full Curtain Framing and CMYC Colour Mixing

SRP £10,699.00 + VAT

Martin Professional’s ERA 700 Performance IP is specially designed for permanent outdoor entertainment use and can withstand extreme environmental conditions for greater immersive lightshows. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for lighting design, including a CMYC colour mixing system, full curtain framing system, dual gobo wheels, dual prisms, dual frost, animation and a wide range of new gobo selections. Standing at only 759mm in height with an output of 26,000 lumens and weighing below 40kg, it is a reliable workhorse, delivering the perfect lumen output needed for larger outdoor shows and rental and installation applications. It is ideal for a wide range of architainment needs.

Designed around extreme environmental conditions, the ERA 700 Performance IP has the ability to work flawlessly from -20 degrees Celsius to +45 degrees Celsius, with C5M marine-grade salinity protection against harsh elements. The innovative active humidity control system maintains optimal humidity levels within the unit, preventing moisture-related issues and ensuring consistent performance.

The ERA 700 Performance IP introduces advanced gobo technology with new gobo designs suitable for various applications, from rock concerts to theatrical performances and architainment installations. Its ingenious gasket design facilitates easy access for gobo changes and servicing without compromising IP protection or requiring specialised tools. Its advanced gobo coating technology enables prolonged use without damage, making it perfect for façade and texture lighting effects as well.

This fixture also introduces several ground-breaking features that champion its functionality and security. It incorporates an anti-tamper box, providing enhanced security against unauthorised access to power and data, making it ideal for installations in public spaces. Additionally, the anti-tamper box adds additional environmental protection increasing ingress protection to IP66. Supporting Art-Net and sACN capability, it allows for seamless integration into lighting systems, with fail-safe bypass technology ensuring uninterrupted operation and data passthrough even in the event of a fixture failure.

Martin Professional’s ERA 700 Performance IP caters to the evolving needs of rental and installation markets. The need for protection domes for outdoor use is eliminated with its IP66 rating, and its extensive feature set and robust design offers lighting designers and system integrators a reliable solution for long-term outdoor projects. The ERA 700's durability, serviceability, and innovative features make it a top choice for professionals seeking high-performance lighting solutions, while meeting the demand for compact and lightweight fixtures. Additionally, the ERA 700 Performance IP is specifically engineered for harsh environments while remaining road-ready, and can be ordered in white to blend in seamlessly with outdoor installations such as theme parks or cruise ships.

Comprehensive Toolkitand New Gobo Designs

CMYC color mixing, dual gobo wheels, dual prisms, dual frost, new gobos, animation and a full curtain framing system offer the lighting designer a full toolkit to turn heads in any application. New gobo designs ensure that rock and roll to theatrical and architainment applications are all capably supported.

Anti-Tamper Box for Security and Added Outdoor Protection

Prevents someone from removing power/data from the fixture in more public environments while also enhancing environmental protection around power/data connectors and increasing the ingress protection rating to IP66.

All-Weather and C5M Environmental Protection Plus Active Humidity Control

With an IP66 outdoor rating, this fixture can be used outdoors and can withstand extreme environmental conditions including rain, snow, heat, and dust over long periods of time. C5M marine-grade salinity protection ensures protection in increased saline environments. The active humidity and heating control system monitors humidity levels inside the fixture to ensure the optical system is working optimally and protected from moisture and condensation.

Ease of Service and Easy Access

A clever gasket design and innovations borrowed from Martin Exterior products enable easy access to gobo changes and serviceable items without the use of specialized tools and without damaging the IP protection.

Networking with Fail-Safe Bypass

New for the ERA family, support for Art-Net and sACN capability enables seamless integration into lighting systems with fail-safe bypass technology, ensuring uninterrupted operation and data passthrough, even in the event of a fixture failure to ensure non-interruption of the network stream.

Ideal Weight and Size Plus Seamless Aesthetics

Rental/touring and installation applications require IP66 fixtures to be lighter and more compact, and the ERA 700 Performance IP comes in below 40kg and measures just 759mm in height. Available in white (and black), the ERA 700 Performance IP blends seamlessly in many outdoor installations, including theme parks and cruise ships.

  • 26,000 lumen Output via 660W 7000K light engine (6500K out of fixture)
  • IP65+ (IP66 with anti-tamper box installed)
  • CMYC Colour Mixing system
  • Zoom 6˚ to 45˚
  • 1 x Rotating Gobo Wheel delivering 7 all new designs
  • 1 x Static Gobo Wheel delivering 8 all new designs
  • 1 x Animation wheel (new design)
  • Colour Wheel with Spectral Enhancement filter pre-installed (CRI 90)
  • Full curtain framing system
  • 2 x Prism (Linear and circular)
  • 2 x Frost (heavy and medium)
  • Iris
  • DMX/RDM and Art-Net/sACN via network with bypass