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ERA Performance

The ERA Performance Series offers Martin quality and performance at an accessible price point. These light and compact fixtures produce bright, sharp image projection with a flat field and include CMY colour mixing, full curtain framing and extensive zoom systems. The ERA 600 puts out 19,000 lumens - on a par with the useable output of a MAC Viper - and with a massive 34,000 lumens the ERA 800 is significantly brighter than a Viper.



With highly efficient 300 to 800 watt light engines, the ERA Performance Series delivers more output than similar-sized fixtures. Fully electronic dimming ensures extremely fast strobing, instant intensity control, and a flat, consistent field that can be maintained down to zero percent.


The full curtain framing system allows each of the four framing blades to cross the full beam independently for complete blackout. In addition, the entire framing module can rotate up to 120 degrees, allowing for precise and accurate image projection for the desired stage area. When fully focused, gobos can be framed with a soft edge, enabling designers a high degree of flexibility in the lighting design.


With an extensive zoom range, the ERA Performance fixtures deliver enough spread for great coverage for a wide variety of applications. Zooming is fast and accurate and maintains a high output throughout the range.


Offers subtle pastels to vibrant colors, as well fast transitions and smooth fades. The color wheel produces nice color splits, fast color bumps and extends overall color gamut and brightness.


The ERA Performance fixtures are very compact and low weight for their class, making it easy to handle and rig. The modular design makes accessing and replacing of effects safe, quick, and easy – modules can be swapped in less than a minute.

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Compact, lightweight, and an incredible 34,000 lumen output

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Brighter than a Viper, the ERA 800 features super crisp optics, full curtain framing, and vibrant CMY colour mixing matched to the MAC range.

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Fulfilling the demand for a bright, compact, tour-worthy moving head, the ERA 600 Performance has highly efficient 550W white LED engine that produces a bright, sharp 6,500K image projection. The ERA 600 Performance is perfect for larger stage and live productions.

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Whether being used for small and mid-sized concert and touring, live TV productions, corporate shows or houses of worship, the Martin ERA 400 Performance CLD is a truly versatile LED profile that offers near limitless design and usage potential.

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The ERA 400 Performance WRM features a highly efficient 300W warm white LED engine that offers 3,200K warm tungsten emulation with a high CRI ideally suited towards small to mid-size theatres and compliments perfectly the Martin ELP range.

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