SRP £27,055.00 + VAT

Macula is a remote-controlled followspot systemr, which unprecedented performance thanks to its incredibly high-resolution fluid head and simple yet powerful software control. The Macula system is not tied to any brand of lighting fixture, offering wide compatibility with intelligent moving heads from a number of manufacturers, including the Martin MAC Ultra Performance, Ultra Wash & ERA 600, Jb-lighting P18 & M18. Robe, Ayrton, Cameo, Clay Paky, High End Systems and more. 

High Resolution Fluid Head

The Fluid Head in the Macula system adds the organic feel of handling a Followspot. Operators will recognize the feeling like a traditional followspot just without the mechanical rattling.

The Fluid Head represents a resolution never seen higher in Remote Controlled Followspots.

Macula only use the best device in the market also used in the Film industry for remote controlled film cameras.

Motorised Handlebars

Two motorised handlebars with assigable controls.  The left handle has one fader, one shutter botton and a z-roller, while the right handle features a fader, freeze movement button, one roller and 15 assignable buttons for presets.

NDI Camera

Macula uses a Birddog PF120 PoE Full HD box camera, with a maximum distance of 100m via Cat 4 or Cat 56 cable. This can be extended with the use of a optional fibre system.  The system provides remote control functions of the camera zoom, focus & exposure.

Multi-Fixture Mode

The Macula system enhance multi fixture setups.

Define where your selected fixtures geographical position and add the XYZ metric data to the software in relation to the Primary Fixture physical position. The algorithm of Macula software will keep track of XYZ in relation to the Primary Fixture.

Choose from programming the independent fixtures directly in the Macula software or leave it to the LD to add the features to the involved fixtures.

Macula System supports save and recall of groups of fixtures and different Primary Fixtures. This is called banks. Creating banks in the system software enhance complexed systems enabling to share fixtures between multiple Macula systems and lighting consoles.

Macula add the feature of multiple viewports thru the rig of cameras attached to the Primary Fixtures. This empower the operator to switch around the rig of Primary Fixtures to gain the best optional viewport for a clear sight of the stage.

Included in the System

  • 17” Touch screen + Monitor cable (HDMI+USB+POWER)
  • Adjustable Tripod
  • 1 left motorized handlebar + 7Pin Xlr Cable 0.5m
  • 1 Right motorized handlebar, including a keypad + 7 Pin Xlr Cable 0.5m
  • 1 Fluid Head Encoder
  • 1 CPU
  • 1 NDI Camera + 2 m Power & Cat5 cable + Camera mount
  • 1 Camera box – Not including Super clamp & safety wire.
  • 1 PSU: External power supply from 230V to 12V. Max Wattage 60W – Schuko to True1