Alpha Link MADI SX

Professional MADI to AES/EBU & A-D/D-A converter

SRP £2,339.00 + VAT

The Alpha-Link MADI-SX and MADI-AX are well established as reliable high quality multi-channel audio converters in professional studio installations around the world. 

Both models feature 64 channel MADI to 24 channel digital and 24 channel SSL A-D/D-A converters. Each unit features lossless Fibre Optic MADI In/Out connections which can be used to connect to SSL’s own MadiXtreme, MX4 or Delta-Link computer interfaces, to MADI equipped consoles and routers or to cascade multiple Alpha-Link units to create powerful systems that offer exceptional value. 

There are two different models available each of which features 24 channels of high quality SSL A-D/D-A conversion which can operate at up to 96kHz. The Alpha-Link MADI-SX has 24 channels (12 stereo pairs) of AES/EBU digital Inputs & Outputs. 

  • 24 analogue
  • 24 AES/EBU digital
  • Up to 64 MADI digital
  • High quality SSL A-D/D-A converter technology
  • Lossless 64 channel Fibre Optic MADI digital audio input and output
  • 24 analogue inputs and outputs with SSL A-D/D-A at up to 96kHz
  • Rear panel analogue connection via standard 24 pin D-Sub
  • BNC Word Clock sync In/Out
  • Perfect partner product for SSL MadiXtreme, MX4 and Delta-Link interfaces
  • All input and output channels can be used simultaneously in any configuration
  • Comprehensive input/output routing & mode selection matrix
  • Analogue input/output activity indication via 24 tri-colour LEDs
Height88mm (2RU)
Operating voltage100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption30W
WordClock connector styleBNC
MIDI (Number of ports)2 (1 input port and 1 output port)
Phones connector style1/4" JACK
Technical Specifications
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz (+0dB -0.5dB) at 48kHz sampling rate
Harmonic Distortion0.005% @ 1kHz sine wave at 1dBFS with 20 kHz brickwall low pass filter
Dynamic Range128dB digital (A-weighted)
Adjacent Channel Crosstalk(+10dBu at 1kHz): 90dB
Input Levels (maximum)+22dBu
Output Levels (maximum)+22dBu
Quantization24 bit
Sample Rates44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
Number of channelsInput - 24, Output - 24
Number of portsInput - 3, Output - 3 (8 channels per connector)
Connector typeD-Sub Female
ElectricalBalanced, +4dBu nominal, +22dBu maximum
Number of channelsInput - 24, Output - 24
Number of ports3 (8 input channels per connector and 8 output channels per connector)
Connector typeD-Sub
Expansion Bus:
Number of channels64
Connector typeMiniD 68 poles
Number of channels64
Connector typeFibre SC connectors