Leading UK-based writer and producer Tommy D has installed an SSL Matrix hybrid SuperAnalogue console / DAW controller in his studio. As a DJ, Tommy D played all over the world in the glory days of house and then graduated to production and writing. KT Tunstall, Corinne Bailey Rae, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Jay Z, Cerys Matthews, Tom Jones, Bryn Christopher and Michael Jackson have all passed through his studio.

In recent years Tommy has Co-Written and Produced hit songs for Kylie "More More More", Janet Jackson "Slo Love" and Sophie Ellis Bextor "I Believe". Tommy has been instrumental in finding and developing the careers of both KT Tunstall and Corrine Bailey Rae. He Co-Wrote and Produced the Singles "Under The Weather" and "Stoppin' The Love" for KT and "I'd Like Too" for Corinne. Both Artists albums achieved #1 status in the UK and Top 10 in the US.

On his decision to choose SSL Matrix Tommy commented, "I was looking for a desk that had a pro sound but didn't have hundreds of channels - I don't need that. I was also looking for something that was really flexible, something that was easy and quick to move around different projects. I work with really diverse sounds and styles of music from dance through to rock and even classical, and often all in the same day! The Matrix moves as fast as I do."

Matrix is a SuperAnalogue™ 16 channel, 40 input mixing console with inbuilt signal router and multi-layer digital workstation control. In use it offers a supremely elegant way to be creative with an arsenal of analogue outboard and cutting-edge digital equipment.

Designed to be at the heart of every day creative processes, Matrix is built to meticulous SSL hardware standards, to withstand even the most intensive studio use. Fully equipped to partner monitors, workstations and outboard gear, Matrix lets users shape their project studio around the way they work.

Tommy describes the impact of the Matrix on his work. "The big “Focus” button is my favourite feature. Press it once and you have all your analogue outputs on the 16 faders, press it again and you’re in the DAW's mixer. Such a simple operation but one that really speeds up the mixing process. And it's the SSL sound! Loads of solid bottom, airy top and Punchy n Crunchy mids, just how I like it! At the end of the day, a huge proportion of hit records of the last 25 years have been mixed on a SSL so there's also that acceptance by the A+R and more importantly the public."

SSL Matrix is available now priced at £12,500 + tax


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