"SSL's Alpha-Link MX converters are well-conceived and highly practical interfaces that will meet many user's needs far better than the standard MADI interfaces, both in terms of channel count and cost, while allowing easy future expansion, should the need arise".

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The SSL Alpha-Link MX is the first of a new generation of SSL A-D/D-A converters that deliver superior SSL audio quality in an affordable format for the serious project studio. Sound On Sound give their verdict in the latest issue of the magazine.

"The Alpha Link MX is a very straightforward interface to configure and use. It just gets on quietly with providing the relevant input and outputs with high-quality conversion".

"In critical listening tests, the Alpha-Link MX converters are as close to a piece of straight wire as you can reasonably expect. There's no discernible sonic character, the audio throughout is completely transparent, and the noise floor is extremely low and completely benign".

"I compared the Alpha-Link's performance directly against my reference two-channel Benchmark and Crookwood converters and found very little to choose between them, which says a lot when you consider the relative costs per channel!"

"The technical ans sonic performance is very good, configuring a sysem is simple, and the cost is very attractive. It seems that the project-studio market has finally recognised the merits of MADI interfacing, and SSL are offering a cost-effective way in!".

The full review can be found in the latest issue of Sound On Sound magazine on sale now. The SSL Alpha-Link MX is also available now at £1199 in both 16-4 and 4-16 I/O configurations.

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