"...if you want to have the SSL ‘sound’ in a small format console, with flexible expandability, DAW control and 32 input summing and mixing, the Matrix could be your ideal solution."

Ami matrix3delta 560

Matrix2 is the ideal console/controller for your hybrid production studio. It is the most elegant solution available today for those who wish to incorporate the sonic advantages of SSL summing and a collection of boutique analogue mic pre's & processors into their DAW centred studio workflow.  New δelta control automates your console within your DAW like a plug-in.

"The Matrix² Delta features the same 16 channel, 40 input ‘SuperAnalogue’ line mixer and 16 fader DAW controller as its predecessor, but SSL has upgraded the desk to make it even more useful for today’s production workflow."

"The first noticeable physical change in the latest Matrix is the colour and feel of the parts of the desk you’re going to be resting your hands on - it’s now a nice rubbery soft touch. This may not seem important, but it’s likely that an engineer is going to clock hundreds of hours at the console, so user comfort is essential…”

"The Matrix feels like a ‘proper’ SSL desk and the sonic signature should be familiar to those who use the Duality, AWS, and Sigma consoles."

The full review can be found on the Audio Media International website or by clicking here.  The SSL Matrix2 Delta is available now.

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