500 Series Stereo Equalizer

SRP £399.99 + VAT

500 Series Stereo Equalizer

The SSL 500 Series ULTRAVIOLET Stereo Equaliser takes the acclaimed minimum phase-shift EQ section from Fusion and puts it into the 500 Series format.

The ULTRAVIOLET EQ takes things a little further than Fusion by adding two dedicated mid-bands, with a unique Focus control, for ultimate EQ flexibility. An ideal partner to the legendary 500 Series SSL Bus Compressor, the ULTRAVIOLET EQ draws on the SSL legacy of careful selection of frequencies and response curves to create a musical and intuitive EQ designed to quickly dial in a radio-ready sound for your mix.

Focus Mode:

Focus mode allows the user to ‘hone in’ on problem frequencies or specific frequencies they want to accentuate or attenuate. Pressing the ‘Focus’ switch in, automatically narrows the chosen Q setting further and increases the range of gain available beyond the normal +/-9 dB operation. In true flexible SSL workflow fashion, it transforms this sweet-sounding, musical SSL EQ into a more surgical tool.

  • 4-Band SSL Stereo EQ
  • Minimum-Phase High and Low shelving bands inherited from Fusion
  • 2 fully parametric SSL Mid-Bands, with ‘Focus’ mode
  • 5 frequency selectable High-Pass Filter and Dedicated Output Trim