HARMAN Professional are pleased to announce the release of software update V6.3 for all Soundcraft Vix00 and x000 consoles. The update contains three major new features – vMIX automated microphone mixing, and the ability to control input channel processing from the master Vistonics screen, plus a significant number of bug fixes and improvements. In addition, a new version of ViSi Remote iPad app is released which supports metering in conjunction with console software 6.3.

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vMIX was originally developed for Studer broadcast consoles and is an automatic microphone mixing algorithm based on gain sharing which is great for managing multi-microphone situations such as round-table or panel discussions at conferences. vMIX allows the mix to be managed automatically by reducing the gain of channels where the talkers are not active in the discussion, but reacting to the changing dynamics of the discussion faster than a human operator could. This results in better intelligibility of the mix and higher gain before feedback.

A second new feature is the enhancement of the Input channels on Master (Control) Bay capability, which now allows access to the input channel EQ, dynamics, etc. from the master screen by soloing any input channel on the console. This useful workflow-enhancement feature allows different elements of the same channel to be opened on two screens at the same time, provides better visibility and access to input channels on smaller format consoles and increases flexibility of operation.

To go along with the V6.3 console software release, the ViSi Remote iPad control software has also been extended to add metering for channel level, gain reduction and gate status within the fader panel and dynamics displays, and also adds a metering overview page which allows all channel, bus and dynamics metering to be seen at a glance, and allows faster navigation by allowing the possibility to jump quickly to any group of 8 channels/busses, instead of scrolling the fader panel. The new V3.3 ViSi Remote software is available now in the App store.

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The update also contains a significant number of bug fixes and stability improvements and we recommend that it is installed into all ’00 and ‘000-series consoles as soon as possible. Show files made on V5.x, V6.2, and on other Vi consoles are fully compatible in both directions with V6.3 software.

An updated version of the Virtual Vi Offline Editor is also available, allowing pre-programming of Show files as usual, plus the ability to connect to another console as an Online remote control.

Downloads are available now from the Soundcraft website www.soundcraft.com. The ViSi Remote iPad app v3.3 is available from the Apple App Store.