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Soundcraft has announced the availability of service release V6.3.1.294 for all Vi x00 and x000 series consoles. This release provides bug fixes to issues reported since V6.3.0 was released in March, solves a number of long-standing stability issues and also includes some new features.

In order to ensure maximum stability, we recommend that this software is installed into all Vix00 and x000 consoles as soon as possible.

New Features
•HQ Mic card is now recognised within Compact Stagebox (allows use of STUDER Compact Stagebox).
•Power fail autobackup on/off switch added in Settings page, with adjustable time interval (previously always on, 15 second intervals). (We recommend this is left at its default ON setting, unless you are a theatre user where the backup saving can sometimes affect snapshot recall response time).
•VCA output fader page can now be triggered by pressing an input fader page (previously only pages A-E could be).

Bug Fixes / Improvements
•Speed of response significantly improved when changing from one Output solo to another.
•Settings of inserted DEQs were being lost on Cue Recall.
•Console could restart if a VCA was soloed and unsoloed whilst Master LRC Insert Setup page (keyboard rename) was open.
•Console could restart if soloing a bus after changing to All Busses page and activating a GEQ, after a specific sequence of operations.
•Console could restart while configuring Matrix source, after a specific sequence of operations.
•Console could restart on selecting a temporary output bay whilst in small GEQ mode, after a specific sequence of operations.
•Console could restart in certain cases when a Cue containing a MIDI OUT2 event was recalled.
•Vi3000 sometimes failed to detect a Stagebox.
•Mirroring not working sometimes after update to V6.3.0 even if Mirroring connection indicator was green.
•Mirroring: Disabling the "Patching" category had no effect.
•Mirroring: Console could freeze if Master/Slave mode was continuously changed.
•Wireless mic attributes were not cleared on right leg of paired channel when loading default shows.
•Wireless mic Battery indication on the right leg of paired channel was not updating.
•Wireless mic data could not be simultaneously displayed on two Vix00 or x000 consoles when on same network.
•ViSi Remote metering sometimes not working/showing constant full-scale.
•Monitor out patches were not cleared when show file from V4.9 was loaded on a V6.3 console.
•Monitor out patches were being stored and recalled in snapshots (now only stored at Show level).
•Burst of stereo bus audio was sometimes heard on headphones between soloing channels in autocancel mode.
•Virtual Vi: FLW button for lower encoder row was mapped to ‘User’ encoder mode SETUP button.
•Virtual Vi: Application closed without warning if the ‘Fn’ key was pressed on laptop.
•Vertically paired channels were not displayed correctly in Channel Scope screen.
•Improved text label legibility on Lexicon icons in channel strips and FX Page.

In addition, the following bug fixes that were incorporated into the V4.9 software update for Vi1/2/4 & 6 and were also relevant to Vx00 & x000 have been incorporated into the V6.3.1 release:
•Various bugs affecting Library behavior fixed (unable to delete items, disappearing items and new libraries, restarting when pasting items).
•Tap tempo entry always led to a slower tempo than tapped.
•Console occasionally restarted during labelling of multiple channels using external keyboard.
•On-screen keyboard now always selects long label first when jumping to next Input channel.
•Stagebox VA/VD indicators sometimes flickered red spontaneously when no error present.
•Stereo bus processing parameters were not always recalled correctly on right-hand bus channel.
•Exiting Insert page whilst in Insert Setup mode could lock upper screen.

Note that the 6.3.1 software update cannot be installed on Vi1-6 consoles. The current V4.9 software release for these consoles is available from the Soundcraft website.

Offline Editor
An updated version of the Virtual Vi Offline Editor is also available incorporating the above bug fixes, allowing pre-programming of Show files and on-line remote control via Mirroring.

Show Compatibility
There are no Show compatibility issues with this release.

ViSi Remote iPad App
There is no change to the ViSi Remote app with this release.

Where to Get the Software Update
Downloads are now available on the Soundcraft website:
•From the Vi2000, 3000, 5000, 7000 or Vi400/600 Upgrade product pages: Scroll down the page to the 'Downloads' area and look under 'Software'.