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Soundcraft has announced the availability of service release V4.9.1.296 for all Vi1, 2, 4 & 6 consoles. This release provides bug fixes to issues reported since V4.9 was released in April.

In order to ensure maximum stability, we recommend that this software is installed into all Vi1, 2, 4 & 6 consoles as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes / Improvements
•Matrix bus audio problems on Vi1, if bus configuration changed from defaults
•New Autobackup On/Off parameter got switched off by default after updating to V4.9.0
•Vi1 could restart when the Blackout event was triggered
•Further improvement to Tap tempo accuracy
•Audio could be changed on Vi1 if a lot of faders were moved just before desk was unlocked
•Monitor format controls not working due to wrong screen encoder mapping (Vi2, 4, 6 only)
•Assigning a wireless mic to a channel always reset mic gain to 0dB
•Wireless Receiver gain was not available on Gain encoder row
•Improvements to show compatibility to prevent no signal at monitor/headphones outs

Note that the V4.9.1 software update cannot be installed on Vix00/x000 series consoles. The current V6.3.1 software release for these consoles is available from the Soundcraft website.

Offline Editor
An updated version of the Virtual Vi Offline Editor is also available incorporating the above bug fixes, allowing pre-programming of Show files.

Show Compatibility
There are no known Show compatibility issues with this release.

ViSi Remote iPad App
There is no change to the ViSi Remote app with this release.

Where to Get the Software Update
Downloads are now available from the relevant console's product page on the Soundcraft website: