Soundcraft by HARMAN are excited to announce that an updated version of the Soundcraft Realtime Rack software application for Mac has now been released by Universal Audio. The new version updates the available suite of Plug-ins to version 8.6.3, adding more than 40 new plug-ins to the Realtime Rack's capability. In addition the update solves a functional issue with the RTR's MADI interface when running at 96kHz with Vi5000 or 7000 consoles, and the new application is now compatible with the latest release of OSX 10.12 (Sierra).

New Plug-ins

The new plug-ins include some key high-end industry-standard effects, such as Eventide Harmonizer and AMS RMX16 Reverb, and the list also includes a number of distortion-based and saturation effects and guitar/bass amplifier simulations, plus a variety of new dynamics, EQ and channel strip emulations, all with the trade-mark accuracy and faithfulness to the original hardware that UA is known for. Note that all the new plug ins will appear in demo mode after the software is updated, and will need to be purchased individually from the UA website via the myaudio account. This applies whether the Realtime Rack is a Core or an Ultimate unit.

List of Additional Plug-ins

  • UA 610-A Tube Preamp & EQ
  • UA 610-B Tube Preamp & EQ
  • Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ
  • Thermionic Culture Vulture
  • Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter Compressor
  • Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Raw Distortion
  • Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection
  • Precision Channel Strip (EX-1)
  • Precision Delay Modulation (DM-1)
  • Precision Delay Modulation Long* (DM-L1)
  • Precision Reflection Engine (RS-1)
  • AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb
  • Oxide Tape Recorder
  • Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe
  • Dangerous BAX EQ Mix (Brainworx)
  • Dangerous BAX EQ Master (Brainworx)
  • Brainworx_bx_refinement
  • Brainworx bx_saturator
  • Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier (Brainworx)
  • Valley People Dyna-mite (Softube)
  • Tonelux Tilt (Brainworx)
  • Tonelux Tilt Live (Brainworx)
  • elysia• mpressor (Brainworx)
  • elysia• alpha compressor (Brainworx)
  • AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb (AMS-Neve)
  • Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor (Softube)
  • Vertigo Sound VSC-2 Compressor (Brainworx)
  • Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite (Brainworx)
  • MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer (MDW)
  • Friedman BE-100
  • Friedman DS-40
  • Sound Machine Wood Works
  • Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 (Softube)
  • Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor (Softube)
  • Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier (Brainworx)
  • Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier (Brainworx)
  • Tube-Tech EQ Collection (Softube)
  • Eventide H910 Harmonizer
  • Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 (Softube)
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 (Softube) 
  • Marshall JMP 2203 (Softube)
  • Brainworx bx_digital V3 
  • Brainworx bx_digital V3 Mix
  • Chandler Limited® Curve Bender Mastering EQ (Softube)

Where to get the software update

The new version of the Realtime Rack application is available now for download at the Universal Audio website, via the normal link

As a reminder, support for the Realtime Rack is available from the Universal Audio support page on

Bug Fixes

As mentioned above, the new 8.6 release solves a problem with 96kHz sample rate operation. To do this, it automatically updates the firmware on the Realtime Rack hardware when this is connected, the unit then requires a power cycle to complete the process. On-screen instructions will prompt for this.

Also included is the fix for snapshot link connection loss with the Vi consoles that previously required an additional software patch (Realtime Rack Patch v1.0.1) to be installed on the Mac. This patch no longer needs to be installed once the new V8.6.3 application is installed. Note that if you are still experiencing connection loss with the console, check the Troubleshooting document that is available from the Realtime Rack product page on the Soundcraft website: