After recently investing heavily in Soundcraft’s Vi platform, Mark Chant’s Kent-based Phonophobia have now added a next generation Soundcraft Vi3000 to their inventory.

Kent Ball08

Photo above: Phonophobia’s Vi3000 at University of Kent Summer Ball in Canterbury

“Having MADI and Dante built into this desk gives Soundcraft a massive advantage as does the additional functionality, with the local ins and outs on the board,” Chant observes.

The console’s first high profile appearance was at a University of Kent Summer Ball in Canterbury, attended by around 4,000 students and headlining Ella Eyre, supported by several DJs. Phonophobia’s Vi1 was down at the stage and the company also brought its Vi rack, running 60 inputs and over 30 outputs.

“Visiting engineers patched in through Dante or MADI, and since we have a lot of riders now showing Vi1 or Vi6 most seemed excited to be using the new desk, and turned up with their show files and used the [Universal] plugins.

“Although it was a stressful gig none of my headaches came from the console — we could leave it and just walk away from it.”

Summing up, Mark Chant says, “This feels like a Vi desk — but is vastly superior, and the Vi3000 will be out constantly. Since we have advertised it on our website we have received a steady flow of inquiries and the interest has been incredible.”


Soundcraft is distributed in the UK by Sound Technology Ltd.  For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit