"This all adds up to the Vi1000 being a very valuable console, not just to the Vi series, but to our industry. I know many will welcome it with arms wide open".

LSI Vi1000 560

The Soundcraft Vi1000 digital mixing console utilises the rich feature set offered by Soundcraft's acclaimed Vi Series—now in a more compact form factor.  It is reviewed in the new issue of Light & Sound International magazine.

“Even if you still haven’t used a Soundcraft Vi console before - or any digital desk for that matter - an engineer should feel comfortable behind a Vi very quickly indeed.  Most of us have now used a Vi at some point, and that’s why the Vi1000 will immediately provide a pleasant, warm feeing of familiarity." 

“Adding to the romanticism is the fact that this desk looks great— like all Vi consoles, it’s extremely well built, with a sturdy aluminium chassis and a great lighting display  This all adds up to why these desks will no doubt be an easy choice for hire companies, festival stages, in-house desks , touring acts and so on."

“Another key feature that’s come to light with the Vi1000 is the newly-emulated BSS DPR-901II dynamic EQ.  This is the only software version of the well-known hardware and the first dynamic EQ for these pro series consoles.  I had the chance to play with the DPR-901II on some drums and a vocal.  Whilst it can obviously be used for all the tricks any dynamic EQ can, I found the DPR-901II very transparent.  It was able to reduce sibilance from the from the vocal much smoother than that of a typical de-esser, even with significant gain reduction displayed.  It’s a great tool that lends itself to the live sound environment”.

“This may be the obvious addition to the Vi’000 series from Soundcraft, but for many this is surely going to be a popular choice.  The Vi1000 ticks many boxes thanks to its specification as well as delivering these capabilities in a compact and friendly package”.

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