Adlib’s audio installation at the University of LIverpool Guild of Students as part of a £14m refurbishment is featured in the latest edition of MondoDR magazine.  A new Soundcraft Vi3000 was specified for front of house, and a Soundcraft Vi1 for monitors.

In the article, technical supervisor Matt Gadsby comments:

”When I first saw the Vi3000 at Adlib’s facilities I was impressed by the user-friendly interface and sound quality.  The work flow is incredibly intuitive and quick to pick up, which is beneficial for touring engineers coming into the venue.  Having used Soundcraft’s products extensively in the past I have always been impressed with their stability, quality and robust nature.  This, combined with the fact it is the first model in a new range of desks, provides us with a good long-term investment for the future.  With MADI and Dante fitted as standard and swappable I/O ports available, Vi3000 eliminates the need to hire in additional outboard to meet the needs of touring engineers."



Vi3000 adlibelivepool


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