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Remote Controlled Digital Mixers

Ui. A new standard in remote-controlled digital mixers.

Ui packs a complete digital mixing system into a compact, road-rugged stagebox format, with built-in Wi-fi and the ability to be controlled by any connected device via a standard web browser - no Apps, no OS limitations, no constraints on how or where you mix. Ui is safe, simple and secure, empowering you to be able to mix easily from anywhere in the venue and supercharge your live sound with powerful digital mix features and dedicated processing from some of the biggest names in the business - dbx®, Lexicon® and Digitech®.

Mix on any device

Tablet, PC, smartphone? Ui's revolutionary browser-based interface lets you use any device, in any combination - regardless of platform. Ui is fully compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices.Mix on a large format computer screen, adjust front of house on a tablet, and set monitor mixes from smartphones - it's up to you.

Any device. Anywhere. The freedom to mix.

Powerful digital mix features

Every input on Ui features full channel processing to get a great sound on any vocal or instrument, including a 4-band Parametric EQ, High-Pass Filter, Compressor, De-esser and Noise Gate.

Outputs feature a 31-band Graphic EQ, dbx AFS2 Advanced Feedback Suppression, Noise Gate and Compressor.

There's also a full complement of all the mixer functions you'd expect - including subgroups, mute groups and view groups.

Save the perfect settings for every song

With Ui’s Snapshot recall system, you can create the perfect mix for a show, or even individual songs, and save the settings to be recalled at will. Need a subdued, effects-laden mix for the acoustic ballad? No problem, just call it up. Then hit recall to load in the settings for the full-tilt rock number that follows it up.

Uncompromised connectivity

Ui hardware is loaded with all the connectivity you’ll need to run the show. XLR mic and combo inputs with fully recallable and remote-controlled mic pre’s, stereo RCA inputs and dedicated Hi-Z inputs, optimised for acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses. Outputs include balanced XLR and 1/4” main outs, XLR Aux outs and headphone connectivity. There’s even USB connectivity for 2-channel playback and recording direct to USB storage devices (recording on Ui16 only).

Integrated WiFi

No dongles. No unsecure connections. No worries. With Ui there's no need to setup and configure an external router. The hardware has an integrated Wi-Fi router onboard, enabling direct remote control of your mixer's functions. Wired Ethernet connection is also provided and can be used in conjunction with the Wi-Fi connected devices.

Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously

Everybody gets control. But not of everything.

Up to 10 devices can be connected simultaneously with security settings applied to each to limit the parameters they have access to. So musicians can control their monitor mixes with no danger of affecting the front-of-house sound. It all adds up to quicker, easier set-ups, happier musicians and a better live sound.

Legendary live sound processing

Mix with Soundcraft and you’re always in good company. As part of the Harman Group, we’ve selected premium effects and processing from dbx®, Digitech® and Lexicon® to bring truly professional ‘outboard-quality’ live sound production power to your mix.

Don’t settle for generic style effects - Ui offers the best tools to help you put on a great show, including dbx® dynamics processing, advanced feedback suppression, Digitech® Amp/Stompbox Modelling, and three Lexicon® effects processors for stunning reverbs, delays and choruses.

Software Mixer Functions

Bus Sends

Create monitor mixes for your fellow musicians or adjust your own from your phone or tablet interface.

EQ with RTA

Real Time Analyser on every channel with 120 frequency points and fast refresh.


dbx compression, De-Essing and noise gate processing on every input channel.


Dedicated FX busses feeding award winning Lexicon effect processors.

Digitech Amp & Stompbox Modelling

Providing 100’s of amp, cab and effect combinations to satisfy any guitarists rig requirements.

dbx AFS2

Advanced feedback suppression allowing maximum gain before feedback on all aux outputs. Keep feedback at bay even in the most extreme monitoring environments.

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