Public & Corporate

Wherever audio is required, there is a place for Harman Pro components — whether it is Soundweb, configured for 32 AKG gooseneck mic inputs at the headquarters of the Bank of Cyprus in Nicosia, or the continuous upgrade of the Norwegian Parliament building in Oslo where the many Soundweb Original devices have now been upgraded with Soundweb London to cover meeting rooms, hearing rooms and the main parliament assembly auditorium. On the world map few historic public buildings can eclipse the Cathedrals of Notre Dame in Paris and St. Paul’s in London — both with BSS Soundweb DSP networks — while at Stockholm’s Länsrätten (the city’s administrative court) Inspired HiQnet London Architect programming was called on, with Soundweb and Crown CTs 4200 USP-CN amplifiers controlling JBL Control series speakers over CobraNet. An AKG C400BL boundary layer mic is used for paging — and the choice of different interpreter languages via the headphone amps is another function performed in Soundweb.