Tempest2400-EU BaseStation 4-Channel

2.4GHz Wireless Intercom 4-Channel BaseStation

SRP £5,215.00 + VAT

Tempest2400 4-Channel BaseStation

Wireless for the Real World

The Tempest2400 is a 4-Channel BaseStation operating in the 2.4GHz frequency range that assures uninterrupted and interference-free communication with no coordination required. It is a 4-channel Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital wireless intercom BaseStation. The front panel LCD display provides real time status including battery monitoring of active beltbacks and easy access to the hardwire intercom settings and levels. Each BaseStation is capable of Call and Remote Mic Kill.


The 4-Channel BaseStation connections include a 2-wire interface with M/F 3-pin XLR loop thru and one 4-wire RJ45 port per channel. The 2-wire interface is compatible with Clear-Com,® RTS,® and Telex® intercom systems, and includes an auto-null circuit.


Utilising the Tempest system’s TDMA technology and proprietary ZSync synchronisation, up to 11 BaseStations and 55 full-duplex wireless BeltStations (in Normal Mode), either 2-channel or 4-channel BeltStations, can be used simultaneously. By switching to Shared or Split Mode, an unlimited number of BeltStations can be registered to each BaseStation using shared resources.

RF Performance

The 4-Channel BaseStation is supplied with two whip antennas (RP-TNC RF connector). On the rear is a RJ45 connector for a (optional) remote transceiver. The remote transceiver can be located up to 1500ft (450m) away from the BaseStation over CAT-5/6 cable with no loss of RF signal.

Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming

The 4-Channel BaseStations cover large areas with multiple zones by using Seamless Roaming. Seamless Roaming allows one or more Tempest2400 BeltStations to roam between as many as 16 different BaseStations (coverage areas or zones) without any intervention from the end user. BeltStations act as they normally do while roaming and there is no interruption of audio or control when a BaseStation switches from one BaseStation to another.

ZSync™ Technology

ZSync technology provides a zero sync reference that coordinates the hopping patterns of all connected BaseStations. ZSync ensures that there is a fixed relationship between all of the BaseStation radios, irrespective of random time variation in power up sequences.

All Tempest Wireless BaseStations offer 3 modes of operation: Normal, Shared, and Split 

Normal Mode users can use up to 5 BeltStations per BaseStation.

 • All BeltStations in Normal Mode are fully featured, giving each user full access to all Tempest features at all times with no restrictions 

• Each BeltStation is full duplex with dual-talk, dual-listen, call signalling, stage announce, and more 

• Talk buttons may be operated in either momentary or latching mode 

• Full BeltStation telemetry and remote control of key functions are available real-time at BeltStations, BaseStations, and the included T-Desk software 

Shared Mode allows an unlimited number of BeltStations on a single BaseStation, where up to five BeltStations can talk at any given time. 

• All BeltStations share the same capabilities 

• All BeltStations have dual-listen and dual-talk capability and full local channel selection 

• Operates with Momentary Talk only 

• Features include Stage Announce, Wireless ISO, Relays, and more 

Split Mode allows for up to four BeltStations in Normal Mode operation and an unlimited number of BeltStations on one shared channel. 

• BaseStation provides a combination of Normal and Shared Modes 

• Up to 4 BeltStations operate with the same features and capabilities as Normal Mode with no restrictions 

• Unlimited shared BeltStations all share the same single channel for all users 

• One of the Shared BeltStations may talk at a time; operates with Momentary Talk only 

• Stage Announce, Wireless ISO, and Relay functions are available for one BeltStation at a time

Tempest2400-EU systems include Tempest Desktop software (T-Desk) to simplify the process of optimizing, monitoring, and managing your Tempest systems.

T-Desk is a PC-based program that provides an intuitive method of accessing multiple Tempest Wireless BaseStations and their associated BeltStations, allowing a user to adjust critical settings from a remote computer in real-time. Multiple, easily accessible software screens display relevant, real-time system information in a manner that is easy to see and adjust. 

T-Desk Highlights 

• Visually friendly and easy-to-use optimization tools

• Battery alert status dashboard 

• Mic Kill functionality 

• View and control 2-Wire/4-Wire I/O and Aux out levels 

• BeltStation sidetone and mic adjustment • Save and load device profiles for quick configuration