Zsync Dongle

Zero Sync source enables Tempest2400-EU Seamless Roaming

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Tempest Parallel Sync


Enables greater movement within a greater coverage area.

Available exclusively in the Tempest2400 products, the new Seamless Roaming feature enables Tempest2400 users to move freely from a given coverage area to another, with no manual switching between BaseStations required. This capability is powered by the Parallel Sync Generator, which provides an external zero sync source for multiple Tempest BaseStations. One Parallel Sync Generator supports up to 12 BaseStations in a star configuration allowing removal of individual BaseStations without interrupting sync to any other BaseStation. Multiple Parallel Sync Generators may be linked to support larger installations.

Radio version 1.18 or later is required. The Parallel Sync Generator includes a 5VDC wall power supply.

Tempest® 2.4GHz ZSync™ Donglezsync dongle

Like the Parallel Sync Generator, Seamless Roaming capability can also be powered by the by the ZSync Dongle One ZSync Dongle is required per system to sync all BaseStations in a daisy-chain configuration. Strongly recommended for linking multiple BaseStations. Radio version 1.18 or later is required. The ZSync Dongle includes an integrated 5vDC wall power supply.

About ZSync Technology

ZSync technology provides a zero sync reference that coordinates the hopping patterns of all connected BaseStations. ZSync technology ensures that there is a fixed relationship between all of the BaseStation radios irrespective of random time variation in power up sequences. All Tempest2400 BaseStations must have the same ZSync reference in order to use the Seamless Roaming functionality.

ZSync generates a zero synchronisation reference to enable seamless roaming and to improve performance of multi-base systems in non-roaming applications. The beginning of a hop sequence is indicated with a short pulse (1% duty cycle), while the remaining 5,804 pulses in the sequence use a 50% duty cycle.

This ZSync technology is available as a dongle or a Multi-Port Parallel Generator.

To enable Tempest's Seamless Roaming capability, either the Parallel Sync Generator or the ZSync Dongle is needed but not both.