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HARMAN Online Training Courses and Webinars

During this unprecedented period HARMAN are offering a series of pro audio training webinars from industry experts. Please note pre-registration is required for most events.  (In addition Martin by HARMAN professional lighting training and webinars are listed here.)

Archived Previous Sessions

29 July, 10:30 (BST)

AKG | Wireless Technology Module 1 - RF Basics

This Live Instructor Led Webinar will help understand the foundations of how wireless microphones work and why frequency management is crucial for a successful deployment.

22 July, 10:30 (BST)

JBL | Intellivox Theory & Deployment

This online webinar will cover the Theory behind the JBL Intellivox active beam shaping, self-powered column speaker family and how best to deploy an Intellivox system including the use of JBL Professional Rapid DDS Software for Intellivox.

15 July, 10:30 (BST)

JBL | VTX Line Array Calculator & Performance Manager - Module 2

The VTX dual subwoofer series gives tour audio the authentic, deep punching lows that we all judge a show by. In this online Webinar we will look at the VTX-Series Subwoofers, Subwoofer management and EDS, LAC & PM setup

25 March, 00:00 (GMT)

Switching from Analog Audio and Video to IP Workflows - Why Fix What Isn’t Broken w/ Cameron O’Neill

Join Cameron as we explore the basics of IP audio and video and then compare them to traditional designs. Drawing on case studies from the live entertainment and broadcast industry, we will also dive into some common IP misconceptions.

18 March, 01:00 (GMT)

Just the Hits! A History of HARMAN Audio Products from Cinemas to the Stage w/ Peter Moses

Join us to explore some of HARMAN’s first product innovations – we’ll discuss the technology and speak to the people who benefited. Plus, we’ll talk about technology firsts in large stadium tours, digital effects, and dynamic processors.

08 March, 18:00 (GMT)

Planning-Communication-Compromise: Foundations for a Great Live Mix w/ Michelle Pettinato

Creating the perfect audio mix for your live show starts long before you touch the console. It’s often a result of meticulous planning, good communication and sometimes compromise. In this webinar, Michelle shares her strategies for success.

25 February, 01:00 (GMT)

An Introduction to Digital Audio in the Install World with Peter Moses

From converting audio into digital and then transporting the packets, learn about the different file formats, protocols and system designs to ensure your audio is delivered perfectly to its destination every time.

23 February, 17:00 (GMT)

Delivering a Positive Tour Experience When You Can Only Carry Microphones w/ Claudia Engelhart

In this webinar, Claudia will discuss music, listening, the road, stories from being a simultaneous sound person AND tour manager and what it takes to create a positive live music experience for everyone.

18 February, 18:00 (GMT)

Acoustic Challenges When Designing Performance, Worship & Production Spaces w/ Sam Berkow

This webinar addresses the acoustical challenges that integrators and consultants often face when asked to improve the audience experience in performance, production, or houses of worship spaces as well as best practices for solving them.

17 February, 19:00 (GMT)

Advanced Audio Mixing Techniques with Ken “Pooch” Van Druten and Chris Rabold February 17, 2021

This webinar will provide live sound mixers with some advanced techniques used by Ken “Pooch” Van Druten and Chris Rabold, with the goal of improving your mixes and ensuring more consistent results from venue to venue.

16 February, 17:00 (GMT)

More Than Just Monitor Mixing! Part 2 with Eddie Caipo

This webinar will cover monitor mixing techniques such as dealing with the occlusion effect and creating space when mixing IEM monitors for A-list artists plus we should have time for a 15-minute Q&A segment.

09 February, 18:00 (GMT)

STYX Mix: Crafting a Modern Live Mix with a Classic Band’s Sound w/ Chris “Cookie” Hoff February 9, 2021

In this webinar, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of working with a classic rock band to retain elements of their signature sound while employing modern live concert and mixing techniques to meet today’s sonic expectations.