Lexicon and UK distributor Sound Technology are pleased to announce immediate availability of the PCM96 Surround effects processor.

Lexicon PCM96 Surround

Building on the success of the PCM96, the new PCM96 Surround offers more presets, more configuration options, and more inputs and outputs. The PCM96 Surround delivers industry standard reverbs and effects, with tremendous flexibility. Designed for the modern studio, the PCM96 Surround can function as a control-only insert or FireWire streaming audio plug-in inside any Mac VST® or Audio Units software. Or keep it connected to a mixing board. Either way, you have a multitude of configuration options to choose from, without having to move any cables.

The PCM96 Surround is available in two versions with either 6 XLR Stereo AES inputs and outputs, or 2 DB25 6-channel analogue I/O and 1 DB25 6-channel digital I/O. Both versions also feature MIDI, Wordclock, Ethernet and FireWire®.

The PCM96 Surround can be divided into up to four virtual machines, each of which can run its own algorithm. This allows the signal from each input to be routed through a variety of algorithm combinations. Operating configurations include: Dual Super Mono, Quad Mono, Super Stereo, Super Stereo Mono In, Dual Stereo, Dual Stereo Mono In, Dual Mono + Single Stereo, Cascade Mono, Cascade Stereo, Cascade Mono + Single Stereo, 2-in 4-out, 4-in 4-out, 2-in 5-out, 5-in 5-out, 6-in 6-out.

Alongside a stunning collection of recognizable classic effects, the PCM96 Surround features Lexicon's new Surround Room algorithm for a vast array of room-related effects for music and post.

Key Features

• Available in 2 models: 6 XLR Stereo AES inputs and outputs; 2 D25 6-channel analogue I/O + 1 D25 6-channel digital I/O

• New parallel Stereo and Surround configurations

• 28 legendary Lexicon® reverbs, delays and modulation effects

• Lexicon's new Surround Room algorithm, used to generate a vast array of room-related effects for music and post

• New Pitch algorithms

• Seamless automation and control via Ethernet or FireWire®

• Over 1600 factory presets, including recognizable classics from Lexicon's immense library

• Hardware Plug-in capability inside Mac® VST®, AudioUnit® or RTAS® software

• 32-bit floating point processing

• Sample rate up to 96kHz

• External BNC wordclock

• MIDI In/Out/Through

• 768 User Presets

• Compact Flash for additional storage

The Lexicon PCM96 Surround Digital is £3042.61 + VAT, the PCM96 Surround Analogue + Digital is £3303.48 + VAT.