Lexicon PCM96 - "a hardware reverb for the modern age, demonstrating a sound that's leagues ahead of any plug-in you could care to mention, yet with the integration that we've grown used to relying on in the software world."
MusicTech Magazine, March 2009

The review, first and foremost, praises the sheer quality of the reverb produced by the PCM96, "the quality of the reverb itself is superb, far superior to that of the PCM91 and more than comparable to the quality of the 960L." In detail, "most noticeable is the fact that the reverb appears to somehow wrap itself around the sound rather than engulf it."

In terms of connectivity the PCM96 comes equipped with Ethernet and FireWire ports. The Firewire mode allows remote control and up to four channels of audio streaming from a plug-in within your host DAW. The PCM96 can be treated as two discrete units in this mode, "Ultimately what this means is that you can easily run two Lexicon-quality reverbs simultaneously in your mix - perhaps using a classic plate effect on vocals and drums, while a sumptuous hall is reserved for the strings."

The final verdict: "The PCM96 offers the ease of plug-in integration but a sound that's leagues above what any software-based reverb can deliver. Lexicon's latest offering is a contemporary twist on hardware reverb with a sound that flatters almost anything passing through it."

9/10 MusicTech Choice Award

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