"The IONIX U42S is easily the most elegant USB interface we've used, but, more importantly, its sonic performance 'under the bonnet' is just as impressive. An ideal solution for desktop recording that sets the standard for others to follow".

The Lexicon IONIX U42S receives a Music Tech Choice award and a 9 out of 10 rating in the latest issue of Music Tech magazine. The Music Tech Choice award is given products that are likely to become a 'studio standard'.

Brilliantly designed, the IONIX Desktop Recording Series fits where it makes the most sense, between your keyboard and monitor. With all the level meters and gain controls at your fingertips when using your DAW, you'll wonder why no one ever thought of it before.

"In use, the IONIX U42S works elegantly and efficiently. Ergonomically speaking, the angle of the front panel and the large output control makes it a pleasingly tangible, hands-on front end to a DAW. The audio quality is impressive, with the dbx preamp design revealing plenty of detail in the instruments we presented it with".

"On all levels-sonic performance, visual charm and physical operation - the IONIX U42S delivers on its promises and is a refreshing take on an otherwise familiar studio component".

To read the full review, pick up the August Issue (Issue 77) of Music Tech Magazine. The Lexicon IONIX U42S is available now at £322 RRP.

For more information on the entire IONIX range go to http://www.lexiconpro.com/ProductPortal.aspx