“Please quote me – I have never heard any reverb plug-in, generative or convolution, produce a sound as rich, detailed, and organic as this PCM Native Bundle.”

April sees the arrival of yet another stunning review for Lexicon’s PCM Native reverb bundle, this time in Audio Media magazine.

“So it’s finally happened. Lexicon has created a universal lug-in that builds precisely on technology from the PCM96 itself. Not simply a single plug-in, the PCM Native Reverb Bundle provides no less than seven dedicated and specialise (and dare I say, legendary) Lexicon Reverbs – each with its own custom user interface.”

“I must say that the sound I heard coming from the default preset ‘Large Hall’ was nothing short of dramatic and unmistakably high end Lexicon”.

“I now completely understand what is happening here and why the price is as such. It is like having a PCM96 in my Apple machine – better yet, as many as I can squeeze into my processing scheme!”

“The bottom line here is that the PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle looks and sounds like a PCM96 and worked flawlessly in my DAW. This may be the first time a high-end manufacturer has created a full functioning emulation of a top-selling and very current hardware unit with no limitations”.

To read the full review, pick up the March Issue of Audio Media Magazine (Issue 232). The Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle is available now at £1173.78 RRP.

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