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Breakout box

SRP £1,700.00 + VAT

The Lexicon BOB-32 breakout box converts up to 32 channels of the BLU link digital audio bus to analog audio. This device is ideal for use with Lexicon’s QuantumLogic™ Immersion processor (QLI-32). The BOB's outputs are easily configured by six DIP switches located on the rear of the device. This simple configuration allows selection of 32 consecutive channels from the 256 channels available on the BLU link. Signal present and power status are clearly displayed by front panel LED indicators.


  • 32 analogue audio outputs
  • 4 DB-25F connectors
  • DIP switches for channel range selection
  • 256 channels at 48k sampling rate or 128 channels at 96k sampling rate
  • Clear front panel LED indication
  • Single rack space chassis
  • Covered by 3-year warranty